28th October 2013: Approaching the next Uranus/Pluto Square

by Sarah on 28/10/2013


Finding the Cause Within


Sarah Varcas

As we begin the week which ends with the next exact Uranus/Pluto square on Friday, we may find ourselves faced with circumstances which, generally speaking, don’t bring out the best in us. Whilst a significant crisis often does exactly that – sometimes against all the odds – revealing strength and wisdom we never knew we had, the more everyday triggers in our lives can be strangely tougher to get to grips with. Those habitual parts of our psyche which always respond in a certain way to a particular provocation hook us into patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour which keep us stuck and stagnant. In the coming days the heavens point to these habits and ask us if we’re ready to take action and change them? It’s our choice, of course. We could continue on the same old track and nothing’s going to stop us if we do… except that gnawing feeling that somewhere along the line we know we’re going to have to change anyway, and the longer we put it off, like giving up an addiction, the tougher it becomes….

With Uranus currently at the apex of a Yod formed by the Sun and Mars, we are on notice from the heavens that something very important is afoot, and to benefit from it we need to step out of habitual ways of thinking and view life through a different lense. It’s not enough to think ‘Okay, I’ll just be more patient when [enter the name of your choice] is really winding me up’, we actually need to get to the root of the problem and dig it up from there, not just chop the leaves off and hope it won’t grow back. Because whatever and whoever it is that winds us up, until we truly ‘get’ what’s going on we will be forever bound to triggers which distract us from the things that truly matter in our lives.

Luckily, with all the activity in Scorpio at the moment, there’s plenty of cosmic support around for getting to the root of the matter and, to be frank, we have no excuse not to. The Uranus/Pluto square at the end of this week is followed hot on its tail by a solar eclipse in Scorpio at the start of next, so we need to get a grip and start digging! And in their infinite wisdom the heavens offer an important clue to start us off: it’s not what triggers us that matters, but that which is triggered and what we do with it. That another person is irritating is nothing to do with us, that’s for them to deal with if they want to, or not if they don’t! What matters is that we are annoyed and in that moment of annoyance we lose balance and begin to make it an ‘us and them’ scenario: THEY are irritating US (or hurting us, disrespecting us or whatever it is we perceive them to be doing). When it may be more accurate to say ‘WE are irritating US because of something that happens inside when this person is around’.

Identifying that ‘something’ is our task in the coming days. What’s really going on when a person or set of circumstances winds us up? What’s it really all about? Which part of our psyche has been triggered and why? These questions are posed by the heavens now and the more deeply we can contemplate them the better able we will be to make the changes required of us in the coming days. They remind us that whilst we tend to blame so much ‘out there’ for what goes on ‘in here’, until we can find the cause within we will never be free from those external triggers that steal our peace and disrupt our day.

Have a good week everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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