28th May: Geminian Energies Abound

by Sarah on 28/05/2013


Showing the Mind Who’s Boss!


Sarah Varcas

Today we have a choice, between forging the same old mental paths in our head, ‘doing’ life according to our habitual patterns of thought and feeling, or adopting a fresh stance and trying out a new approach. There are creative energies around which we can draw upon for use in our everyday life. Or we can ignore them, in which case they’ll gradually fade away and we may have missed an opportunity to discover something fresh and new about ourselves and life in general.

The realm of the mind is particularly energised at the moment, with four planets in Gemini from 20th May until the beginning of June and a current conjunction between Venus and Jupiter. How we use our minds is very much under scrutiny these days. Do we allow them to rule the roost, leading us off down paths of fear, anxiety, or dead-end thinking as a matter of habit, like dogs pulling on the lead and running away with their owner. Or do we make the effort to train them, reminding them who’s boss and using them to more positive and productive ends?

Today we have the opportunity to observe closely the conditions that impact upon the thoughts we have and the judgements we make. How does tiredness colour our thoughts about the day ahead? How do unexpressed feelings towards one person change the way we relate to another? How does re-running stories of our past influence our take on what’s occurring in the present? It’s a bit like forecasting the weather (although perhaps a bit more reliable!). The conditions of the past and present will dictate future developments: if our outlook is gloomy then so will be the day ahead. If our focus is on the past, our present will become a mere extension thereof with nothing new to challenge our pre-conceptions and assumptions. If powerful feelings have not been expressed where they needed to be they’ll find their outlet wherever they can.

Whatever else we can or can’t do as individuals to usher in the new world and the new consciousness, we all have a mind and we can all take a moment to develop a deeper understanding of how it functions, the fuel we feed it and the uses to which it’s put in our lives. Today is an excellent day to do just that, watching it closely to recognise just how it comes to the conclusions it does about life. And if we don’t much like those conclusions and recognise just how they limit our potential and possibilities, we can decide to use it differently, to new ends, and see how that makes a difference to our day.

Have a good one everybody.

Sarah Varcas

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