28th June 2013: Grand Trines and T Squares

by Sarah on 28/06/2013




Sarah Varcas

Today we begin a lengthy encounter with two very different energies occupying the same cosmic space: a Grand Trine in Water and a Cardinal T Square. Neither are exact by degree but both are easily influential enough to make their mark upon us. I had to smile when I saw this particular partnership. It’s such an unlikely coupling and yet so perfectly what we need right now. The watery energies of the Grand Trine have already been with us for some time, sensitising us to the intuitive aspects of life, heightening our emotions, deepening our sensitivities and dissolving boundaries between the various dimensions of existence. Here we can experience both the heights of spiritual bliss and the depths of existential despair, sometimes in the same moment!

This Grand Trine provides much fuel for our spiritual development, as we become more and more aligned with the Divine, within and without. However, that same fuel can fire-up our emotions with no notion of their leading us into something greater and more spiritually edifying. We can become overwhelmed by our feelings, overcome with sense impressions and beholden to whatever triggers the strongest reactions within us at any one time. To receive the healing blessings of a Grand Trine in Water we must exercise self-discipline, not allow ourselves to drown in our emotions but recognise them as signposts and steps upon a journey into wholeness.

This is where the T Square comes in, because whilst we may become complacent, languishing in our emotions, there can be no complacency when we have one of these above us! This is a powerfully disruptive energy which shakes us awake, demanding that we get back on our feet and do whatever it takes to move towards wholeness and freedom. It reminds us, in no uncertain terms, that there’s no time for complacency, no time to waste. We are here for a reason and must act accordingly. Emotions, even painful ones, can be extremely seductive and we can easily fall under their spell without ever being aware that it has happened. It’s tough to stay awake and alert. But we have a big helping hand now, in doing just that.

However, and it’s a big however, if we lapse into complacency we must be prepared for a rude awakening! T Square energies are powerfully creative and stimulating, but they can also be shocking in their action, catching us unaware and throwing things up in the air when we least expect it. This doesn’t have to be the way for us. We can choose to stay awake anyway, and do what we must to follow through on that choice, but if we take our eye off the ball now we may find life boots us up the backside to remind us there’s a job to be done and we need to be doing it!

We can preserve our backsides by doing the job anyway, of course, and then we just get this powerful creative energy to fuel our efforts instead of it being wasted on waking us up in the first place when we should really have known better! So the basic message today is, ‘You have been warned!! Stay awake or risk a rude awakening. The choice is yours!’

Here’s to wakefulness!

Sarah Varcas

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