27th/28th November – 16th/17th December 2014: Mercury in Sagittarius

by Sarah Varcas on 26/11/2014


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Image: “Entering a New Dream” by Gary Rosenberg


Words Have Power


Sarah Varcas

As Mercury enters Sagittarius (2:27 am GMT on 28th November) it waves goodbye to Saturn, now the sole planet in Scorpio after a fairly busy few weeks in the sign of the Scorpion. In doing so Mercury closes a process that began at the end of September, and not before time I might add! When in Scorpio Mercury wants to uncover truths no matter what they are or what they might mean in the long run. Once in Sagittarius it can be less exacting and a little more liberal in its interpretation of fact and fiction, as can we. Mercury in Sagittarius allows for all manner of ‘creative truths’, subjective perspectives and exaggerations, just as it provides the unfettered freedom to speak one’s mind and say it like it is with little regard for consequences. Mercury in Sagittarius can broadcast opinions as fact, far and wide, and so might we when under its sway.

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing of course. Sometimes life calls for simply getting everything off our chest and then moving on unfettered. Doing this can feel good, though less so when we’re on the receiving end of someone else’s off-load! In the coming weeks we may feel the need to simply express ourselves and be damned, no holds barred. The secret to managing these energies well is to ensure that any bridges burnt were already beyond repair and ‘truths’ we decide to proclaim are not simply convenient subjectivity we’re using to bolster our own position. Mercury in Sagittarius can be tricky and takes careful handling, but when managed well can be the energy which enables us to say what’s been on our mind for a while and then simply move on.

Consequences are often out of radar range with this Mercury. We forget they exist and may make decisions which fail to take them into account. Sometimes there’s a place for doing this, and when Mercury is in Sagittarius it is often the case that we simply need to express and then see what happens. However, with Saturn following up behind, entering Sagittarius soon after Mercury leaves it, we would be wise to adopt a little circumspection before any huge announcements! Whilst Mercury in Sagittarius can tell us it’s only words – ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me’ and all that – Saturn reminds us that words are powerful forces of change. They can make or break a relationship, secure or lose a contract, confirm or deny truths so profound they could blow our life apart. Words can be weapons of pain or instruments of peace, destructive powers or forces of creation. What we do with them matters and, once uttered, we may never be able to take them back and regain what they have caused to be lost.

During Mercury’s current journey through Sagittarius we may feel impelled to let it all out and in the end we may decide it’s the only way. Before doing so, however, we would be wise to take a moment and consider what we hope to achieve and whether there is any other way to secure the same result. At the end of the day we can only make the judgement call which seems best to us and no one can do Mercury in Sagittarius without sometimes putting their foot in it! But we can harness the creative and liberating side of this astrological placement best when we recognise the power of communication and the responsibility we carry to use it well, even when all we really want to do is let rip and say it like it is!

All that said, Mercury in Sagittarius can be fun, light-hearted and comical. We could all do with some lifting of our spirits after the year we’ve had, so a warm welcome to Mercury in its new home is not out of order. It is simply a matter of recalling that what may seem like a molehill to us may be a mountain to others and what may be clear as day could be thick as mud to them. Subjectivity abounds now and we all have our perspective. Best we express it with an eye to those on the receiving end and consideration of the consequences of a few moments’ unfettered expression. We might not always get it right, but at least if we keep these things in mind we can more confidently say what needs to be said without the trappings of exaggeration, hubris or plain old getting it wrong because we were so sure we were right we didn’t bother checking our facts!

Sarah Varcas

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