27th September 2013: Birthing the Age of Aquarius

by Sarah on 27/09/2013


Here for a Reason


Sarah Varcas

As the Sun/Uranus/Pluto T Square settles in for the coming days we are once again reminded of the recent past – the end of August to be precise – and the adjustments we had to make as the cosmos itself shifted into patterns and paradigms not previously encountered. The final week in August was a powerful one, with many feeling either under-pressure or over-the-moon. Now, a month on, we are encouraged to reflect on what really happened back then and to begin the process of integration and adjustment whole-heartedly and without restraint or reserve.

We are still very new at this, remember. Yes, I know for many it feels like we’ve been walking this path and doing this work our whole lives (and more), and it’s tempting to think when on earth does it end?! When do we get to that unmitigated peace and fulfilment we keep hearing about??! But in fact we’re still in nursery school, finding out how everything works, learning how to get on with others and discovering the natural laws which make up our world. The Aquarian Age is only just manifesting around us now, and it’s here for a very long time, so any notion of fast-tracking our role in its arrival to get the prize is, quite frankly, barking up the wrong tree! Not least because the new age is not about us, you and me, it’s about everything – the whole cosmos, this planet on which we live, the countless unknowns within the universe we have yet to encounter. It’s about infinity and beyond, not about next week and whether we sort that problem out or not.

And yet it IS about us too. It’s about how we live, the priorities to which we commit, the relationships we forge, the goals we pursue and the wounds we heal. The universe is within us as we are within it. We are each akin to a cell which contributes to the vast organism which is our solar system and beyond. The healthier the cells, the stronger and more vibrant the organism. The deeper we journey in truth, the more vibrant our contribution to the collective. It’s all about us and yet none of it is. Such is the paradoxical nature of the spiritual path.

Today we are reminded of the opposites which create the world in which we live, the paradoxes from which we are formed: we are each the centre of our own world and yet insignificant in the vastness of space; we are of vital importance and yet expendable if nature deems us so; we are on a path of truth and yet must journey through lands of denial, deception and ignorance to get there. It is in living these paradoxes fully and without guile that we can come to know the new age from the inside: its challenges, rewards, foundations and potential. It is an age in which everything must be known and recognised for what it is: vast and beyond our comprehension, whilst encapsulated fully in the minutiae of our daily lives. We encounter the Divine in the office, on the bus, in the shower, just as deeply as any mystic who’s devoted their life to god, and yet human nature dictates we may fail to recognise its closeness, seeking it elsewhere in the hope that its discovery will change the fabric of our everyday lives forever.

But the cosmos speaks loud and clear on this: the contradictions and challenges inherent in the human realm are the very fuel for this journey, not the debris to be removed. Transforming our lives does not mean leaving them behind for another dimension but creating them anew as we live them each day. The Aquarian Age is being born here on earth, as it is throughout the universe. There is no better place from which to participate in its arrival, and today the cosmos reminds us that we are here and now, in this form, for a reason, and nothing is going to change that… not for a long time anyway!

So it’s time to embrace our physicality, this material realm full of all its dissatisfactions and challenges, and the frustrations of being a spiritual force in material form. Because that’s what we’re here for, to do just that, and to ultimately discover that the material realm is just as Divine as any other, even though our familiarity with it may have led us to believe otherwise!

With much love,

Sarah Varcas

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