27th May – 10th July 2015: Jupiter Trine Uranus

by Sarah on 25/05/2015


Jupiter in Leo, Uranus in Aries, Full Moon in Sagittarius June 2015, freedom, shifting perspective, creativity, embracing possibility
Image: “Coalescing Fire” Gary Rosenberg


Creative Expansion


Sarah Varcas

This relationship between Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo enhances creative potential in the coming weeks. The great awakener (Uranus) in alliance with the great expander (Jupiter) promises mind-expanding insight and heart-opening experience if we allow ourselves to be consumed by their own special brand of inspiration. To those seeking the solution to a problem or the way around an obstacle these two might just be best friends as they shift perspectives and emphasise aspects of a situation previously overlooked.

The ‘keynote’ of this aspect is conscious preparation. Its bounty is a deep appreciation of the process needed to birth a shift of perspective and a change in state. Without focused intent, however, we won’t benefit from this alliance as we otherwise could, assuming, instead, that we already have at our disposal all we need and must simply work out how the pieces fit together. Of course we can work with what we’ve got, yes, and we will make progress, but there is more needed to fully reap the potential of the coming weeks. Together, Uranus and Jupiter provide the opportunity to break out of self-imposed restrictions of thought, feeling and behaviour into a more liberated notion of possibility. They invite us to step beyond the boundary of our comfort zone and into the domain of ‘what if….?’ rather than ‘if only…’!

So what if we don’t have to conform to those standards and expectations drummed into us previously? What if we don’t have to agree with those closest to us just to keep the peace? What if we could find a way to express our feelings which enables change to occur? What if we found the courage to do what we’ve always dreamed of doing, it turned our entire life upside down and we came out of it wiser and stronger, not battered and broken? What if all those dictates, judgements and beliefs which shape our every move could be thrown out the window and we could begin afresh right now, acting from instinctive knowing not imposed conditioning?

When two planets connect through a trine their energy is exchanged readily, but we may find it so comfortable we fail to take advantage of their gifts. It all seems to be going swimmingly so we don’t see the need for effort or aspiration. Eventually we realise satisfaction with the status quo has caused us to miss an opportunity for creative fulfilment. Of course, there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with being satisfied with the status quo if the status quo is what we want. But often we’ve simply ‘settled’, allowing the ease of familiarity to blinker us to other possibilities. This aspect contains just such possibilities and plenty of them, but we need to consciously engage with them to reap their rewards, be willing to question assumptions and try on for size a new outcome to a familiar conundrum.

The second week of June is of particular relevance to this creative process, so we have some time to focus and prepare. At this point, Uranus and Jupiter team up with the Sun and Mars to deliver what could be a whole new way of seeing our life and the people in it, including ourselves. This is not a traumatic process, a re-evaluation born of the need to rise above challenge, but instead a creative one in which life itself can take on a fresh hue, present itself in different ways and reveal new dimensions. In this alignment we receive a cosmic gift offering new life and fresh hope no matter how hopeless things may have seemed.

Whilst the coming Full Moon presents an arguably more stressful challenge in terms of how deeply we must change, this on-going Jupiter / Uranus alignment releases creative energy to fuel new perspectives and elevate us out of the morass of suffering we humans know so well! True freedom, it reminds us, is not freedom to do whatever we want but freedom to embrace life without fear. In doing so we are diminished by nothing, instead brought more vibrantly to life. Such is the liberation offered by Jupiter and Uranus in the coming weeks: an opportunity to know ourselves as one with Sacred Source, infinite and unbounded, free from fear and deeply alive.

Sarah Varcas

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