27th January – 20th/21st February 2015: Venus in Pisces

by Sarah on 21/01/2015


 Venus in Pisces, Stellium in Pisces, unconditional love, compassion, separation and unity, the unified heart, truth and illusion


At Home in the Heartland of Love


Sarah Varcas

Venus is exalted in Pisces. She can most readily manifest her highest expression there: love unconditional, born of deep recognition that all beings seek ultimately to be at peace. Granted, the catalyst for peace may vary from person to person, but we seek the same thing. She recognises the pain which can infiltrate our lives so readily and offers succour and safety in its midst. Venus in Pisces knows without doubt that we are all worthy, that we all matter and each of us is fighting our own battle to become what we were born to be. She takes our hand and guides us to a place of peace in which we can rest, safely nestled in the arms of the divine.

Venus in Pisces is gentle as a feather and soft as the Summer breeze. She reminds us that the most transformative love is born of an open heart and an ego softened around the edges to allow the sacred in. Venus in Pisces moves the heart towards suffering and opens it like a flower to offer fragrant solace and sweet nectar in the face of trauma and pain. She invites us to overcome barriers which divide and connect from the heart with those people and situations we would otherwise avoid. Venus in Pisces reminds us that anyone’s life can change in the blink of an eye: the mighty fall, the rich lose everything, the healthy become sick and our greatest loves can be lost to us. How we respond to the calamities of life largely dictates our current character and future choices. It can be all too easy to judge another on who they are today without knowing the journey which brought them here: the disappointments and losses, pain and abuse, regrets and mistakes. Venus in Pisces remembers that we were each once a tiny baby completely vulnerable and entirely dependent. She seeks to nurse us all on her milk of unconditional kindness and love.

With her arrival in Pisces we now have four planets in the sign of the fishes: Venus, Neptune, Mars and Chiron. Themes of grief, sadness and loss may arise, alongside an awakening to that part of all things which can never die. We may encounter our own pain and that of those around us. In either case the remedy is love, love, love by the bucket load, starting with ourselves and radiating to all. Sometimes we may fear that loving too much can make us vulnerable: we may be taken advantage of or end up sacrificing our own feelings to accommodate those of another. As Venus wends her way towards Neptune she reminds us that love is not weakness but strength, not surrender but an all-encompassing embrace. Love diminishes no-one for it makes all things new. Both the lover and the loved are reborn by its touch.

It can be tough to open the heart in a harsh world, and our world is frequently harsh. But it is also beautiful and radiant, filled with people seeking to do the right thing as much as those seeking to help only themselves. We all have a back story, a path which has led us here. We are all formed from experience – good and bad – from circumstances beyond our control and events that have changed the very fabric of our lives without so much as a warning shot across the boughs! No one is immune to the vagaries of life and Venus in Pisces offers the opportunity to touch the unified and resplendent heart which connects us all rather than the closed and shrinking heart which fears the other as yet one more threat in a frightening world.

The love of Venus in Pisces seeks to put our fragmented and broken heart back together again. She mends rifts, heals wounds and reconnects that which has been divided. She cannot conceive of separation. In her world it is merely a fantasy immediately dissolved in the radiant light of truth. She asks us to be gently bold and courageously compassionate in the coming days. To love where we thought we couldn’t and connect where we would otherwise avoid. Unconditional love is always an option, she tells us – towards ourselves and all living creatures. Sometimes we may feel wholly unequal to the task, filled with anger, resentment and unforgiveness, or lost in grief and despair. At these times we must, without a moment’s hesitation, begin with ourselves, loving every part of who we are, every thought, feeling, behaviour, memory and emotion. Venus in Pisces asks us to love ourselves back to life, as a mother loves without limit or distraction her new born child.

Our hearts can safely open in the radiance of this Venus. We can know that no love is ever wasted nor is compassion a liability. We can never know the truth of another’s journey, the obstacles they have scaled to arrive in the present. All we can know is that deep down we all want the same thing and someone, somewhere, must have the courage to deliver: unconditional love which brings us back to life and offers the light to guide our way home.

Sarah Varcas

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