27th August 2013: Yesterday Changed Everything

by Sarah on 27/08/2013



Untold Grace & Infinite Blessings


Sarah Varcas

Yesterday changed everything, whether we like it or not! For some this change will be an unsurpassable gift never to be replicated. For others a loss of things never to be regained. But whatever is gifted is eternal and whatever is lost was never meant to be, not in this world to come. Yes, in the past, maybe even just last week, these things had their place but today and onward into the new world, that place can be filled by something altogether more beautiful, more authentic, more real than anything now lost could ever have been.

Yesterday we stepped out into a brand new spectrum of light, a fresh energetic vibration, an age of different priorities and brand new perspectives. We have arrived at a destination not encountered before. We are the pioneers stepping forth into unknown lands, not to occupy and shape them as we see fit but to be occupied by this new energy, this fresh light, these cosmic forces that have finally reached our sphere, embracing us as they come to rest after a journey of aeons in which we have all played our part.

This is a mystical juncture, one that stands out of the endless routine of time, taking us into a new dimension. Yes, we still have to go to work, feed our families, navigate the complexities of everyday life, but somehow, now, everyday life can be infused with the energy of freedom, wisdom and love like never before, Words, thoughts, actions have increasing power and as the energies that flood this planet are further and further refined, our responsibility to honour those energies and use them well increases commensurately. This time is not a ‘free pass’ to enlightenment. It’s one of initiation into a new dimension which both offers us untold graces and makes previously unmade demands.

This week we will not see wars end, crops grow in drought-ridden lands and inequalities the world over defeated. We will not see tyrannical dictators handing their power back to the people just as we will not awake one to morning to find, you and I, that suddenly we are free of everything which has weighed us down before. This is not a time of magical miracles, it is a time of inexpressible potential unbound by time and space. It is a time of new dimensions and frequencies now available to us all if we choose to claim them as our own. And this is not just a moment in time but a whole new beginning – the birth of a brand new world.

So no matter where we find ourselves today, we can step into this new world with a simple prayer, a heartfelt intention – to be open to receive the infinite grace of The Now. To be ready to act as a conductor through which this energy can flow, unrestricted, into the world all around us: through our words and our deeds, our thoughts and our very breath. Each step we take can be a connection with Mother Earth through which this energy flows.

In the coming days, weeks and months much will be revealed to us, both within and without. Today is just the beginning. We have so much to learn and now arrive such wonderful teachers into our dimension. They may come to us as emotions and feelings, thoughts or ideas, as physical sensations or inner voices. They may come as events, beings – corporeal and otherwise – or Mother Nature herself. They are all around, awakening us to their presence and to the Presence inside of us. They have so much to share and we have so much to learn. The students are ready and the teachers have now appeared.

This is a time of untold grace and infinite blessing, because now we have available choices never offered before. We can choose to cling to the sinking ship of the old world – our old pain – the ‘I’m just always going to be this way…’ thought patterns that have kept us stuck, or we can jump ship into the waters below and have faith that no matter how deeply we are submerged, there is nothing to fear but fear itself, and even that is now transforming into grace.

Here’s wishing everyone a blessed day.

Sarah Varcas

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