27th & 28th April 2013: Guided by the Light of a Sagittarian Moon

by Sarah on 26/04/2013

Guided by the Light of a Sagittarian Moon


Sarah Varcas


This weekend we see the Moon enter Sagittarius at 11:33 a.m. GMT on 27th, providing a lift of energy and a flush of optimism. That said, this is not the most optimistic and ebullient Sagittarius Moon we’ve ever known, and a square to Neptune could leave us feeling somewhat confused as to how we should use its energy over the next couple of days. It’s important that we stay alert and don’t allow ourselves to become over confident about our endeavours, nor should we suppress its Sagittarian enthusiasm and err too overtly on the side of caution. The heavens remind us now that we are not at the conclusion of a process but in the very midst of it. Wherever we think we are – about to jump off a cliff into a new life, tying up the loose ends of a fading project, lost and without any sense of path or direction – the fact is we are in the middle of a monumentally rich and enlightening phase of evolution on this planet. Nothing is guaranteed. Every minute of our lives, every breath we take, counts towards where we, individually and collectively, are heading. The gravity of this situation demands both a reverential state of awe and a celebratory act of rejoicing! How blessed are we to be here now, taking our part in and witnessing what can only be described as Sacred Evolution. How can our human minds even begin to grasp what this really means?!

So this Sagittarian Moon comes now to remind us to celebrate even while we continue to discern our own personal obstacles that may litter the path ahead. She reminds us to give thanks, including for those very obstacles, because in tackling them we will meet aspects of ourselves that we never dared believe could exist. In the challenges we face we meet our evolved selves, face to face, and have an opportunity to recognise and reveal the potential within this human form.

This weekend also sees continued emphasis on emotional healing. Whatever the Lunar Eclipse of the week just gone has shown you, this weekend is a time to attend to any insights, aspirations or wisdom it delivered to your door. These are seeds of the new. They signal the start of a process that continues through the coming weeks with two more eclipses and a Uranus/Pluto square. In the context of our sacred evolution, the months of April and May 2013 are a microcosm of the macrocosm, providing us with opportunities for rapid growth and change if we’re prepared to jump into the furnace and allow the phoenix of our new lives to arise from the ashes of the old.

Throughout the coming few days Mercury remains largely detached from the rest of its planetary companions, reminding us this is not the best time for communication with others, but it’s especially good for communication with ourselves. If you have something really important to say to someone, wait until next month, but if you have something really important to say to yourself, say it now, loud and clear, write it down, sing it, shout it so you really get the message! How we talk to ourselves, what we say and how we say it, the judgements we make and our own internal narrative are all brought into the cosmic spotlight now. If we listen carefully to what can be anything from a cacophony to the sweetest love song, we can begin to understand the power of our inner dialogue and the opportunity we have to learn a new language, practice a new dialect, and begin to speak words that encourage and heal rather than hinder and harm.

All in all this weekend is one of balanced optimism and careful hope. Not because there are dangers we must take into account, but because in adopting this stance we can remain aware of what we still need to do alongside all that we have already done and for which we should be glad. This is not the time to decide we’ve done enough, but to resolve to do whatever it takes. The more people that do so, the less it will take from each of us before we truly see Sacred Evolution coming on a pace.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Sarah Varcas

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