26th September to 8th October 2013: Sun/Uranus/Pluto T Square

by Sarah on 26/09/2013


Living Truth


Sarah Varcas

Today the Sun begins to form a T Square with Uranus and Pluto, which remains with us until 8th October. Here we see an enormous amount of energy with great potential for getting things done, tackling tasks and challenges ordinarily beyond our capabilities and undergoing internal processes the likes of which we rarely encounter. Cast your mind back to the first ten days of July. This is where we may find the initial whispers of the issues we have before us now. Back then I spoke about marrying the mind and the intuition, establishing balance between the different aspects of our being which provide information and data upon which we base our judgements and decisions throughout life. I also spoke about truth, the searing truth of Saturn in Scorpio which demands that we own up to all that we are and then get on with living life from that place of deep responsibility and knowing.

They were powerful days back then. Now we find ourselves at the next stage of their legacy and it’s time to ask: What has shifted in the past two and a half months? How have we changed? What have we learned? And most important of all, have we used what we’ve learned to move us into a greater state of authenticity? Because wisdom and insight are nothing if not lived and breathed. Conscious evolution is not an academic exercise but a vital process with the potential to energise every cell of our being, every spark of light which forms our spirit, every breath of the Divine which passes through our energy field. We may understand all manner of truths and experience all kinds of insights, but until we make them a part of our everyday consciousness and allow them to be tested by the mundane realities of life in this material realm, we are doing nothing but accumulating knowledge to sit on the proverbial shelf gathering dust as we continue to fumble our way through a half-lived, half-lit life.

Indeed, it is this testing to which the cosmos points now and in the days to come. It forms a central part of our experience in this process of transformation and we are all subject to it whether we like it or not. Wherever in our lives we most need to apply our newly gathered wisdom is where the challenge will occur. Whether it’s relationships, work, family issues, health concerns, money worries or just plain old life being nothing but drudgery with no light at the end of the tunnel, that is where we are challenged to apply Divine sight – not our blinkered human type – to see how recent insights need to be applied and lived, not just thought and spoken about.

Truth, and all it asks of us, has little to do with knowing and a lot to do with being. When insight occurs it only needs to happen once in order for our outlook to be forever changed, but the doing, the living of that insight, the application of its wisdom, needs to be repeated over and over until it becomes second nature, as natural as our heartbeat. The force of old habits and familiar territory can easily seduce us back into the past, into being who we were but no longer need to be. We must be alert to this risk, especially now.

The cosmos challenges us powerfully in the coming weeks, but not out of malice or a desire to see us flounder and fail. No, this is a test born of infinite love and the Divine desire that we be free from all that binds us, whatever it takes. There is so much wisdom in and around us, but we have to live it with every breath. We have to be it in order for it to take root and grow throughout the collective consciousness to which we each contribute every day.

Today we are put on notice that the time for living our truths is now, not tomorrow or next year once we’ve got our lives sorted, but now, in the midst of all our struggles and challenges, joys and triumphs. We have what it takes to do this, the heavens assure us now. We can become the living, breathing truth of our own lives, rooted in the earth, at one with the cosmos and energised by the Divine spark which lives within us all.

With love to everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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