26th June: Jupiter enters Cancer

by Sarah on 26/06/2013


Releasing Emotional Anchors


Sarah Varcas

Today Mercury stations retrograde in Cancer and Jupiter enters that same sign after a year in Gemini. You can read all about Mercury Retrograde throughout 2013 in my free report which you can download here.

But right now I want to give Jupiter the attention it deserves as it enters Cancer for a year long journey through the sign of the Crab. This is generally good news. Jupiter is happy in this sign and, traditionally, its entry here is always considered beneficial. It is especially good news for those born with the Sun in Cancer, some of whom have been experiencing the power of Pluto in Capricorn over the past few years, putting on the pressure, especially in their relationships, demanding they strive for ever greater authenticity and clearing their lives of people and connections that no longer fit who they are, or who they need to become. It’s a process that may continue for a quite some time yet, but Jupiter’s arrival in Cancer augurs a blessing and a pat on the back for those who have been struggling through in recent years wondering if they’ll ever get their head back above water again.

In making this move Jupiter is heading towards its position in the Grand Trine in Water that forms a major feature of the heavens next month. There is much healing potential in this configuration, especially at an emotional level, and it forms a significant part of Jupiter’s gifts to us, not only now but throughout the coming year. Just as Jupiter in Gemini gave us an opportunity to get to know our minds better, discover the power of thought and reconfigure some of our habitual thought patterns that do little to help us, in Cancer it does the same for our emotions. We’re now embarking upon a time during which we can penetrate more deeply the cause and effect of our emotions, gain a deeper understanding and experience of our relationship with them and develop new ways to respond to their presence in our lives. As a result of this ‘agenda’, we may find certain emotions becoming stronger and more ‘up front’ for us. It may be harder to escape them or push them aside for convenience. If so, these are the emotions we need to be working with now. Jupiter is bringing them to our attention because we need to shift our perspective and relationship with that aspect of our emotional life.

Jupiter is a great fan of freedom. It seeks to expand beyond any boundaries and bring new experience and insight into our lives. If we are limiting the potential for this expansion by indulging old and out-dated emotional habits and patterns, now’s the time to address them and let them go, or let them grow into something more wholesome and supportive. It can be easy to overlook the fact that we ‘do’ our emotions. Experience often says they ‘do’ us, washing over us when they feel so inclined, taking a hold and leading us off, sometimes against our will. In the coming year Jupiter wants to reveal another side to this process: the part we play in our emotional life. Our tendency to repeat behaviours and activities which result in the same old emotions arising, or our habitual flight from certain feelings and gravitation towards others (even painful ones). Wherever we are ‘hooked in’ at an emotional level, Jupiter wants us free. But this freedom will arise not from blocking out the emotions or avoiding them, but from recognising how we anchor them in place and what we can do to release that anchor and allow them to pass through us rather than get stuck within us. There is much to be learned here, and great freedom available on the other side…

So I’m welcoming Jupiter into Cancer with open arms and I hope you will too, because we stand now on the threshold of emotional freedom the likes of which we may not have encountered before. Yes, there is work to be done. It won’t happen by magic, but the great thing about Jupiter is once we do a little bit it does a whole lot more to help out, so we have a really great ally in our team!

Happy Healing everyone!

Sarah Varcas

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