26th April – 1st May 2015: A Reminder from Chiron, Venus & Mars

by Sarah on 21/04/2015


  Chiron in Pisces, Mars in Taurus, Venus in Gemini, patience, Divine timing, creative processes, managing the mind, working with intuition, deep truth, planetary cycles, heart knowing


Be the Space


Sarah Varcas

In the wake of the Quarter Moon the cosmos speaks further about creation and our role in the process of inner and outer change. Thus continues our preparation for the next phase. A triangle formed by Chiron, Venus and Mars reflects the need for both flexibility and a willingness to endure, coupled with the understanding that what we become is ultimately in the hands of the divine who shapes us in marvellous and mysterious ways. For who could predict that we would survive what we must, endure what we do, encounter the demons and dragons on our life’s path and escape scathed but intact, still moving forward? However carefully we plan, life confronts us with events of such magnitude that were we to know they await us we would simply turn and run. ‘Life’, as John Lennon once said, ‘is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans’. No truer word was spoken!

Any plans we’re making now are best constructed against the backdrop of a big question mark. Not because they have no future, but because the future is as yet to be determined and getting too intense about one particular direction at this point may simply limit us in due course. So it’s best not to carry all our berries in one basket, but instead stash a few here, a few there, ready for the ‘anything could happen’ nature of the coming months. We’ll know when we’re on the right track and need to hunker down and get on with it, but for now we don’t have to commit too deeply or plan too carefully just to overcome the not-knowing restlessness of this current time.

Of course we may have projects bearing fruit right now. That’s fine, we don’t need to abandon all our hard work and throw it to the wind! But if we find ourselves wondering quite where we go from here and what we should be doing, we’d best resist the urge to make a quick decision simply for the relief of uncertainty. It’s okay not to know, to have a whole host of things we want to pursue or not a single one. Nothing is set in stone at this point and Mars in Taurus speaks now of patience with the space, not embarking on a struggle to create no matter what. Seeds are being readied for planting. The soil is warming as the time of sowing approaches.

We can’t just shove a seed in a lump of clay and grow a beautiful flower. It takes time and attention to prepare the ground for new life and one of the essential requirements for planting seeds is space. Fertile ground is not compacted. It crumbles and falls away, allowing air to enter and room for roots and shoots to grow. We are currently held in that space, warming with the soil but not yet ready, ever so gradually, step by step, moving towards the moment of planting. In this expectant space of waiting images arise, sensations occur, thoughts and feelings make themselves known. Let them come, every last one of them. Sit with them, walk with them, cook, clean, work and sleep with them. Embrace everything about this time without favouring any of it. The cosmos is speaking and we can receive guidance and information through every single sense.

This is how we navigate such times of shift, when commitment would be premature but we cannot go back to a previous way. Listening, watching, waiting will reveal all we need to know. We don’t need to take the reins or make anything happen. Mother Nature is in charge, the heavens are shifting and our own soul is in deep communion with All That Is. Never let your mind tell you this is a waste, there are things to be done, you’re not getting any younger! The mind simply doesn’t know these times, it cannot penetrate them. It can only watch and wait with the rest of you. Quieting down, being the space necessary for the new to emerge. Healing is found in this space, in the warming soil and the seeds of change. Out of it we will emerge into wholeness, occupying our present and stepping with awareness into a future currently hidden from view.

Sarah Varcas

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