26th – 30th September 2014: Neptune Quincunx the Sun

by Sarah on 25/09/2014




When We Know


Sarah Varcas

When two planets form a quincunx (an angle of 150 degrees) there are adjustments needed on the inner plane. We have something to learn about how we function, and if we learn it well we can experience an inner shift of perspective which casts things in a new and fresh light. If we don’t, however, we may find ourselves irritated and at odds with both our inner and outer worlds.

Neptune is no longer squaring Mars, but it’s worth remembering the message from when it did, especially the reminder to maintain a sense of humour about the ups and downs of both life and our own enthusiasm for it! Now that an eclipse season is upon us there can be a speeding-up of anything from how quickly we tire or recover from tiredness to how effectively we can embrace and flow with change. If we stay open-hearted toward the adjustments life may require of us now, there is plenty of supportive energy out there to assist us with transitions, including those which feel scary or overwhelming.

That said, this particular alignment between the Sun and Neptune reminds us just how easy it can be to take our eye off the ball and wander down the wrong track simply by forgetting that what is right doesn’t always feel so at first glance, and what feels most comfortable is often the very thing which holds us back. It is often noted that we know when something is right for us even when it looks wrong to all logical scrutiny! Somehow our spirit speaks through the conditions of our lives and points us in the best direction with feelings, intuitions and instincts impossible to put into words. We each have an inner compass which guides us well when we pay careful attention to its nudges. However, it can be hard to hear its authentic voice above the din of fear, the white noise of apathy or the shriek of time passing by and demanding achievement as it goes.

These coming few days offer an opportunity to pay close attention to precisely how we know what to do and when to do it. How does our spirit or soul, the divine, or our higher self (so many different labels for a similar experience!) communicate with us? And how often? And whilst we might perceive its voice in the big questions, do we listen in the small ones like what route to take to work today, or which cake to bake this weekend? And if not, why not?! Likewise, do we confuse the comfort of the familiar with the voice of wisdom? Do we allow fear to masquerade as our higher-self to keep us from stepping out of the old and into the new? This issue of guidance, which seems to come to us from another plane, be it perceived as internal or external, is a key one now, because in the coming month we have two eclipses and a passage of Mercury retrograde all of which require some careful listening to navigate well.

So this weekend it would be worth considering just how conscious we are of the unified energy field into which we are plugged, which provides all the information and guidance we could ever need. Whilst we all contribute to and draw from it on a daily basis, do we realise we’re doing it and do we make the most of this wonderful opportunity we have to access collective wisdom 24/7? Whilst it’s great to have dear friends we can share with, embodied support on our path when we need it most, and people to whom we can turn for support and advice when necessary, it’s even more wonderful to know all we need is to listen and all will be revealed. Not in the form of a point by point plan which guarantees our future happiness and success, but as a moment by moment living awareness of what does and doesn’t resonate with us right now. We may be unable to see around the next corner our entire life, but if we can turn to the wisdom inherent in the present moment as often as possible we will have everything we need to live the life with which we have been entrusted, one day at a time.

Human beings often over-complicate things. We try to think ourselves into security and certainty rather than allowing space to arise in which information can be received which could not otherwise be heard above our busy-body mind! We read countless books to decide how best to treat our bodies when we could just tune in and know what our body needs to thrive (which is not the same as giving it what it craves to feel satisfied!). We seek the advice of others when faced with emotional problems to which only we can really know the answer. We explore the thoughts of other people in order to make sense of our own experience, when in fact it doesn’t need to make sense it simply needs integrity with the whole: an entirely different order of being.

None of this implies that shared knowledge has no place in our world, for clearly it does and always will, but it needs to be balanced with faith and trust in our own inner guidance which is tailor made for us, not created according to the blueprint of another. Its power lies in its direct application to our circumstances in all their complexity and confusion. As such what is right for one is wrong for another, and we need to stand strong when we know that we know, regardless of how our decisions may appear from the outside!

In the coming weeks we may be called upon to make some unlikely decisions and take action (or not) which to others appears odd or unwise. If we know that by turning within we have all the guidance we need, we can do what is needed with a peaceful heart and a steady determination to stand strong regardless. And the better able we can do this for ourselves the more readily we can accept when we must stand back and watch others do what is right for them, even when we question their decision. Nothing gets us into the habit of listening to our soul wisdom better than doing it throughout the day in all things. Those little decisions that we make inconsequentially are as much a part of the whole as the huge life changing ones, so if we can listen in for the tiny ones the bigger answers will become all the more easy to hear when we need them. Such is our practice for the weekend, shaped by Neptune and the Sun who want us alert in the coming weeks – turned to face our inner knowing, letting it decide for us even in the small things – for therein lies the key to peace in times of turmoil and hope in times of change.

Sarah Varcas

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