26th -27th November 2013: Messages from Mercury

by Sarah on 26/11/2013


A Journey into Truth


Sarah Varcas

This week Mercury features strongly in our cosmic maps, highlighting new areas of knowledge and fresh insights. On 26th it joins forces with Saturn which it last did at the end of October just prior to the Uranus/Pluto square and the solar eclipse at the beginning of this month. At their last meeting they were showing us where we needed to focus in order to best embrace the wisdom of these times and the challenges on the horizon. Now, nearly a month later, we have an opportunity to reflect upon the past month and consider what we have learned, what we discovered about ourselves and others and how to best move forward given this new awareness and information at our disposal.

When they join forces Mercury and Saturn encourage discernment in what we say, think and accept as true. They warn against thoughtless acceptance of another’s words merely because they seem conveniently apt for us at the time, and encourage deeper reflection on the information that we welcome into our personal space for contemplation and guidance. It is vital, in times like these, that we own the truths we embrace and espouse, and ownership requires a willingness to penetrate those truths to their very core, pursue them to their likely outcome and consider deeply their impact upon our life and the lives of those around us. Discernment is a key word this week, and Mercury and Saturn demand that we discern with great attention and integrity.

On 27th November, as Mercury crosses the degree in which it stationed retrograde on 21st October, we have a powerful opportunity to embody a new truth which may previously have eluded or even repelled us. This is the final stage of Mercury’s recent retrograde cycle and from here on in it covers fresh ground and new possibilities. So if we have been holding back, reticent to fully commit to the truths revealed in the past few weeks, this is a good opportunity to make the decision to do so or not…. It’s vital we be honest with ourselves in this process. If we’re not yet ready that’s fine. There will be other opportunities further down the line, but if the time to commit is now we must do so with all our heart and soul, knowing that as we embrace a truth it becomes us and we it: there is no separation and the breath of that truth will breathe us from here on in, expressing its fruits within the fabric of our lives.

So what are these truths to which the heavens point this week? They may be information revealed in recent weeks, insights we have gained, wisdom shared. We may have heard them, read them, known them as we looked into the eyes of an animal or witnessed the suffering of another person. They may have come to us in the darkest night which we thought we, ourselves, would not survive. Whatever these truths and however they arose, now they will come as our own inner voice, the knowing inside which tells us when we are on track, when something is for us or to be passed by; when someone else’s truth is there to be shared or returned to them with the respect that says ‘this is not my truth, although I know it to be yours’. And as we listen to our inner voice we will know whether now is the time to own these truths, to make them the bedrock of our lives as we move onwards. Or whether that time has yet to arrive and we are to set them aside with care, to be reconsidered on another day.

The imperative is not to commit at this point, to plant our flag and steer our course accordingly. Instead it is to consider the issue of truth deeply and with great integrity, asking ourselves whether the truths we live by are the deepest we can know, or just a shallow but convenient reflection of a life which could reveal to us so much more if only we would let it. We are all on a journey into truth at this time, a journey which will continue throughout next year. This is just the beginning and a reminder that without discernment we may end up far off course and lost to ourselves, just when we need ourselves the most.

May truth speak to and through each and every one of us.

Sarah Varcas

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