25th May 2013: Post-Eclipse Messages

by Sarah on 25/05/2013


Living a Multicoloured Life


Sarah Varcas

In the wake of the Lunar Eclipse and Super Moon the heavens urge us to avoid polarisation and find a point of balance both within ourselves and between ourselves and other people. There are powerful energies around today and we’re likely to experience them as emotions that cloud our judgement and sway our opinion in ways not conducive to understanding or mutual respect. We may feel extremely right and correct in our position, but feeling right isn’t the same as being it and we could all benefit from remembering this. No matter how justified we feel, someone taking the opposite view to us will feel the exact same sense of justification creating a potential tinder-box of conflict and misunderstanding.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! Recognising the polarisation created by thoughts, beliefs and opinions can be the first step towards creating a space in which such disagreements can exist in a little more harmony, a little more balance. It doesn’t mean we all have to agree, but it does mean we can all begin to listen a little better, think a little deeper and express our beliefs and opinions with a little more recognition that they may be just as wrong as other peoples’!
Saturn, Neptune and the Sun continue to encourage us to reflect inward before expressing ourselves. They ask us to seek the contradictions within ourselves, the paradoxes and conflicting views and opinions that we hold within before we even begin to focus on those of others. No one is just one thing, one stereotype, a uni-dimensional being. Each one if us is a hot-bed of contradictions, complications, paradoxes and confusion. It’s human nature! But so often we seek to simplify the world by dividing it into clearly demarcated sections: all of this type of person is like this and I approve/disapprove of them. End of! Once the decision has been made we have no need to look any further for answers, information or insight. We’ve got them sussed, plain and simple.

Except clearly it isn’t plain and simple and neither are we! Which is what the cosmos points out today. No matter how clear we feel a situation is, how obvious its merits, we need to remember the human tendency to over-simplify the complexities of life. We need to remind ourselves that feeling right isn’t the same as being right, and the world is not and never will be black and white. It, and we, are born of all shades of the spectrum. We live in a multi-coloured world which becomes more and more alive the less we try to paint it monochrome for our own convenience.

Here’s to a rainbow day everyone!

Sarah Varcas

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