25th June: Moon in Aquarius

by Sarah on 25/06/2013


For Searchers Everywhere…


Sarah Varcas

The Moon is now in Aquarius for a couple of days and the search is on. ‘Search for what?’, I hear you ask. Good question! Be sure to let me know when you find it. Because that’s pretty much how it is at the moment….we know we’re looking but we’re not entirely certain quite what we’re looking for! Is it a practical solution that we need? A change of perspective? Spiritual insight? Renewed motivation? A great big wad of cash? A holiday?! (Sorry… now I’m just writing my personal wish list…)

The answer could be ‘yes’ to all of them, but that doesn’t necessarily help us in the search, because the best kind of search is the focused one that knows what it needs to find and has a strategy to find it. Thankfully when the Moon’s in Aquarius she makes a pretty good strategist so we have a very useful ally right now. The fact is it’s a whole load easier to identify our problems than it is to find their solution. Situations which have taken years to develop, layer upon layer of compromise, self-denial, fear, can often seem too vast to even contemplate finding a way out or through. We may tie ourselves in knots tweaking a bit here and a bit there, changing little things in an attempt to ease the pressure, but if we’re honest we know that something far more radical needs to occur for us to move forward in a meaningful way.

Over the next couple of days the Moon wants to highlight where we may be going wrong in this process. She points out that listening only to our emotions about something can obscure more material truths which need equal attention right now. An Aquarian Moon is not the most practical of Moons but she is a good thinker and in alliance with Jupiter she’s helping us identify what really needs  doing and to come up with some kind of plan. It may not be a short-term one, and it may involve a fair amount of sacrifice at times. Maybe we can’t have it all, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some of it, and this is a good time to decide what we really want and to set down some concrete ideas about how we’re going to get it.

So yes, the search for solutions is on and we now have an opportunity to develop greater clarity about what they may look like. This will assist us in knowing where to seek them, and save us time in the process. Because randomly bumbling around looking for any old answer to a complex question will get us nowhere fast. Far better that we set time aside to clarify the true nature of the problem and decide where the real solution is likely to be hidden. At least then we know where to start looking, and that’s progress in itself!

Happy searching!

Sarah Varcas

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