25th July 2013: Messages from Venus

by Sarah on 25/07/2013


Descending to Evolve


Sarah Varcas

Venus is now creating a Kite formation out of the Grand Trine in Water we’ve been so engrossed with in recent weeks. Actually, engrossed is a good word for a Grand Trine, especially a water one: its energies flow so readily we can easily become absorbed by them to the exclusion of all else. Thus we may find ourselves full of emotion and unable to extricate ourselves from its grip, or lost in daydreams which serve only to disengage us from the reality with which we actually have to relate at some point! Which is why we should be very grateful to Venus for coming along in her gentle way and using her position in Virgo to bring us back down to earth for a bit.

This is not a rude awakening or a rap across the knuckles to rouse us. Instead Venus in Virgo reminds us that we are here in the physical for a reason and it’s not to find the quickest way out imaginable into some heightened ethereal state of being! In a slightly ironic way we could say it’s not ascension we’re experiencing these days, it’s descension: bringing cosmic energies into the material realm by conducting them through all levels of our energy field, including the physical. We are embodying the new energies in the material plane precisely because we’re physical beings. Therefore, whatever we receive at an energetic level, be it wisdom, insight, healing or any kind of energy realignment or activation, our present task is to embody it, not escape the physical to enjoy it elsewhere.

So Venus grounds us now with the message that refining our energy does not mean rejecting what we essentially are – a physical being. Yes, we’re so much more than that of course, but the form we take in this life is physical. It is the level of manifestation which is undeniably true for every human being, like it or not. And it is a gift, because of all the spiritual forces in the universe, we’re the ones that get to influence the material world like no other. We get to interact with it every day, we get to BE it and live it. And as such we get to shape it, for good or ill. This is a profound responsibility and one that we should take extremely seriously.

In the coming days Venus will be reminding us of this task. She’ll be keeping us grounded when we could easily float off into rarefied imaginings of a better future in which all this physical stuff is over and done with. In a trine to Pluto she reminds us that our physicality is not a weakness – a sign of our spiritual immaturity – it is the very seat of our power, because once we can understand the laws of the physical world and use them for the greater good we will be capable of alchemy the likes of which we can barely imagine.

So today let’s welcome this message of Venus and honour our physicality, recognising it as the gift it truly is: the very thing which marks us out as pioneers of the new world in which the material realm will be as shot through with spirit as is every other, existing as a force for good in the evolution of this beautiful (and very physical) planet on which we live.

Love to everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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