25th December 2015: Full Moon in Cancer

by Sarah on 22/12/2015


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Image: “The veil opened on an angel” by Brian Varcas


Doing What Matters


Sarah Varcas

The Moon is full at 11:13 a.m. UT in the 4th degree of Cancer. This is a sharing Moon, exhorting us to look beyond ourselves to those who can benefit from what we have to give. Be it time, attention, love, money, food or information, we all have something we can share with another; something which becomes all the more meaningful as we give it away. In a hectic and often dog-eat-dog world it’s easy to think we must first secure our own supply, but this belief simply breeds fear of lack and disempowerment on a grand scale. Ego will always tell us there is never enough, forever locking us into a battle for more, with ourselves and others. This attitude underpins the modern world, creating extremes of wealth and poverty, security and vulnerability, gluttony and starvation. The millionaire who must maintain a million in the bank to ensure her status is poorer than the individual with a zero balance who gives time and attention at every opportunity, returned to him many-fold as life advances on.

This Moon looks beyond our individual circumstances, whatever they may be, and urges us to do the same. She isn’t interested in who said what to us, who betrayed or abandoned us, let us down or wounded us. She doesn’t even care who loves us; who supports and stands by us when all else is lost. All she can think about right now is everyone else. What about them? What about the community of the world, the union of all life upon this planet? What can we contribute to that, each of us, in our own uniquely special way? This Moon shines her silvery light upon the world as a whole – all of us cells of one planet-wide organism – and asks that we do all we can to work in harmony with each other and bring Mother Earth back to balance.

Asteroid Juno and Black Moon Lilith have their say at this Moon, illuminating the power of relationship and the synergistic alchemy that occurs when individuals connect to create an infinitely more powerful force of nature. In Scorpio, they remind us that doing so may challenge personal truths, call us to rise up out of self-interest and prepare to be exposed in ways that at first are disquieting. But those with the courage to do so will soon be swept up into the cosmic embrace of rebirth and renewal. The sensitivity of this gentle Cancerian Moon is underpinned by deep roots and profound wisdom which knows that, ultimately, we must awaken together or not at all, for this is a collective evolution not a selective and individual one.

Emotions may run high and deep now. It will be both easier to identify the needs of others and more challenging to meet them, for their pain becomes ours, tempting us to turn away in self-defence. ‘But please don’t!’, she cries. For those who reach out in body, heart or mind, break through barriers that divide and enable connection where isolation would otherwise prevail, perform powerful life-affirming acts which challenge the darkness of isolated despair prevalent in many lives. The light of this Moon reveals where our love is most needed and our attention most worthy. She reminds us that what we do for another we do for ourselves, and that all efforts to connect create ripples that echo throughout the collective field of being in which we all reside.

As we enter the final week of 2015, this lunar message reminds us what really matters: supporting others, protecting the vulnerable, empowering the disenfranchised and reminding each other of our worth as sacred presence not egoic form. The power of these things can brighten the darkest day and offer hope where once was only despair. This Full Moon encourages all of them and more and affirms that without effort to include us all in the evolution of our planet, no one makes the grade….

Sarah Varcas

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