25th April 2013: Asteroid Vesta Enters Cancer (and remains there until July)

by Sarah on 25/04/2013


Vesta Tip-Toes into Cancer, Eclipsed by an Eclipse…


Sarah Varcas

I know everyone’s talking about the Lunar Eclipse today, and understandably so..It’s a big ‘un! You can read my take on it here if you’re interested, so this morning I wanted to mention something else that’s been eclipsed by the eclipse…And that something else is the asteroid Vesta, who quietly tip-toes into the sign of Cancer just prior to the eclipse in Scorpio. I see this as significant because Vesta has strong ties with Scorpio. She speaks to us of the power of creative and sexual energy and the ways in which this essential building-block of life can be experienced and harnessed. As such she represents a powerhouse of creativity within us. In the sign of Cancer, she encourages us towards sensitivity and self-protection, not in an aggressive way, blocking out everything that threatens to impinge upon our personal space, but by carefully discerning the true nature of the energies that we experience in our own energy field.

This is a significant issue at times like this, because energies are running high in all manner of ways and how we consequently impact each other is of great influence right now. We often hear about the need to ‘protect’ ourselves from negative and disruptive energies, and there are all manner of ways suggested for us to do this, but this is not the kind of protection Vesta points to now. Instead she reminds us that our energy system is already completely merged with all other energy systems anyway. We’re not separate from each other at an energetic level. It’s not ‘my energy’ and ‘your energy’, it’s just energy, everywhere! So the best way to manage what we might experience as ‘my energy’, that bit of the world that seems so close and intimate to us, is to recognise that it’s a microcosm of the macrocosm. That it already contains the entire world, the entire cosmos, and beyond! How can we protect and place boundaries around that?

We can’t, and we don’t need to, Vesta reminds us now, because through careful discernment we can know when we are experiencing a disruptive energy or a peaceful one, sexual energy or the energy of love or anger, and we will know that wherever we may think it comes from, you, me or someone else entirely, the experience of it is happening right here, in the centre of our consciousness, and as such it is our energy to do with as we will. We resonate with the energy because it has found a match within us, whether we want to admit to it or not! We can’t get away with shrugging it off as someone else’s bad energy that we need to clear out of our system. We need to take responsibility for it being there and recognise that, as we embrace and then heal it within us, we do so for the whole world.

Vesta remains in the sign of Cancer now until the 2nd week of July, so we have some time to play around with her message, try it on and see how it ‘fits’ for us. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. Maybe we need to personalise our experience of energy before we can depersonalise it, and that’s fine too. This has certainly been my path and it still challenges me every day! But as this goddess asteroid travels through the sign of Cancer, ruled by the Moon, she encourages us to fear less and trust more, knowing that we are all held within the sacred womb until it’s time to embrace the truths to which she points, and step out, free of ‘your energy and mine’, ready to embrace the one energy that pulses through us all forever.

Enjoy Vesta’s journey through Cancer! ♥

Sarah Varcas

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