25th / 26th April 2015: Waxing Quarter Moon in Leo

by Sarah Varcas on 21/04/2015


 Quarter Moon in Leo, managing the mind, breaking unhelpful habits, rethinking beliefs, self-esteem, releasing the past, creating the future


Rewriting the Past


Sarah Varcas

This Moon connects with Saturn and the Sun reminding us that the old and the new can exist side by side with not a moment’s space between. We think in terms of linear time but truth exists outside of it and can reveal itself in all manner of ways we may struggle to appreciate. The oldest truths can be as vibrant as the newest and the newest as jaded as the most outdated. This Moon provides the opportunity to bring the past and present into a moment of singularity which creates fresh understanding out of familiar truths and new insights, casting both past and future into an original and intriguing light.

Who we thought we were is changing now. They say you can’t change the past but outside of linear time even that isn’t true! Timelines shift and change all the time and within them we can create in ways not possible when we ‘stick to the rules’! Simply casting the eye of the present over our past changes it, for we see in new ways and from fresh perspectives. We know ourselves now to be someone we hadn’t met then, and our present being places the past in its own particular light. Events may remain but their meaning changes and significance shifts as we uncover ever deeper layers of who and what we really are.

This Moon reminds us that we are both the lynch-pin of our life and its greatest hindrance! We can keep it from full expression or facilitate it becoming vibrant beyond our wildest imaginings. The difference between the two lays not in honing the ability to make life behave as we think it should, but in allowing life to shape us, embracing the shifts and changes it triggers in doing so. This Moon reminds us that whilst the past is the past, done and dusted, it also remains alive in the present, shaped by the hands of our memory and our relationship with time.

Beliefs are funny things and getting to grips with those we hold dear is a vital aspect of the awakening path. They shape our experience of life sometimes so completely that it simply becomes a reflection of what we think, and yet the most powerful beliefs often remain unarticulated, present only as a felt sense, an assumption, barely formed beyond an acceptance that ‘this is the way it is’. These are the beliefs that can make or break us and most are about ourselves, not abstract views on life, the universe and everything. This Moon exhorts us to explore these self-beliefs with careful intent. They are much too important to overlook.

At this time of waiting for the new to emerge we have a valuable opportunity to reflect on the ingredients we offer life out of which our future is born. If we believe without question that the future will be more of the past, we have already placed limits on where we go from here. Likewise if we continue to hold out for dreams that have held us in their thrall way too long with nothing to show for it, those dreams may be too stale for a new recipe. If, deep down, we assume we can’t have what we want, aren’t bright enough, young enough or worthy enough, we have already shaped the future right now. Likewise if we assume we can have whatever we want we shape it too, into a smorgasbord of egoic desire with no room for the mysteries of the sacred to weave its unimaginable spell of creation that reveals the unknown within the empty spaces in our lives.

Whoever and whatever we believe ourselves to be at this point is up for debate. We don’t have to believe a word of it if we don’t want to. But we need to know what the words are before we can choose to let them go. If our self-beliefs are so deeply rooted we no longer hear them spoken and they simply form the foundation of our every day, we need to shine the light of awareness upon them. Dig deep and speak out loud the conditions we impose upon our every moment. In doing this we can uncover the more insidious messages we have taken to be true and track their path of creation through our physical, mental and emotional lives. Every thought leaves its trail if we care to pay attention.

It can be tough to uproot beliefs. It takes time and commitment. Habits are hard to break. But this Quarter Moon encourages us to begin the task. To uncover and articulate those beliefs we have about ourselves which threaten to shape the path ahead without our even being aware. Listen to them, evaluate them, challenge them, wonder where they began and why. Decide which, if any, to keep and which to release. Dare to rewrite the past in the present and thereby reform the future. It can be done and now is the time. Freedom lives on the other side of all that we think we are.

Sarah Varcas

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