24th September 2013: Moon in Gemini

by Sarah on 24/09/2013


Life on the Funny Side


Sarah Varcas

Today the Moon enters Gemini for a couple of days, encouraging us to lighten up a bit and see the funny side of life. Yes, I know it can be somewhat elusive at times, but even the apparently least amusing moments of our day have a comedic angle somewhere. Over the next couple of days we’re encouraged to seek it out and see what noticing it does for our mood and attitude.

Life can be incredibly heavy at times. The burden of everyday tasks and responsibilities alone can get us down, without the added shocks and traumas, unexpected mishaps and general obstacles that we encounter on a regular basis. Add to that the intensities of these times in which we live where we’re having to adjust to so many shifts and changes on a daily basis… well… where’s the fun in that?! ‘It’s right here’ says the Moon, ‘in the midst of all the drama’. That moment when you catch sight of your situation in a different way, like viewing it through a fairground mirror, or a slip of the tongue in the midst of an argument introduces a sense of the absurd. Or perhaps, on reviewing a situation which seemed so dire at the time we recognise the funny side and can’t help but chuckle, even as we still shed tears over its memory. Like the saying goes ‘If we’ll look back on this one day and laugh… why wait ‘til later?!’

I don’t mean to minimise the pain in life. It’s tough, I know. Sometimes so tough we can’t find our way through it at all and every day is a living hell. But the more we can, when possible, find that moment of amusement, the bigger picture which casts the events of our little lives into the realm of melodrama, the more choices we have when faced with obstacles and challenges.

And the Moon does love choices when she’s in Gemini! Fixed views and unchanging opinions just don’t do it for her. She needs to be able to see things from every angle and choose her approach from the array of possibilities available. If she wants to laugh in the face of tragedy she’ll do it, not out of spite or malice, but from a place of knowing that even tragedy looks different when reflected in a fairground mirror. And just as the face of a clown who’s painted sad can makes us laugh anyway, this particular Moon in Gemini spots the paradox of those moments which seem so very bad, and finds the door to their funny side.

We don’t often hear about humour on the spiritual path. It can all be so serious and weighty! But humour is a big part of detaching from the traps of the world around and within us. Laughter really can be the best medicine when all else fails, and over the next couple of days we’re encouraged to crack a smile and have a chuckle about some of the darker places in our lives, just to see how doing so can subtly change their energy and the place they occupy in our psyche.

Here’s wishing everyone an amusing time!

Sarah Varcas

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