24th October 2013: Stellium Building in Scorpio

by Sarah on 24/10/2013


Force of Nature Scorpio by Josephine WallImage: Josephine Wall


Revisiting Our Roots


Sarah Varcas

With the Sun now in Scorpio, joining Mercury, Saturn and the North Node, focus is building towards a Stellium (a group of planets within the space of 9 degrees) which begins to take effect on 28th. And with Mercury now having left the degree in which it stationed retrograde a few days ago, we are well and truly on our way towards the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio occurring on 3rd November. In effect we have the opportunity, in the intervening days, to consider exactly how we got to where we are now and how we intend to proceed from here.

It sounds like a fairly straightforward question, but little is straightforward where Scorpio’s concerned, and with Mercury now retrograde we may be in for some revelations in the coming days. Mercury in Scorpio can be a lonely experience. The planet which wants to keep moving, making connections as it goes, can feel bogged down in the watery depths of Scorpio, not least because Mercury’s world is consequence free and Scorpio brings us face to face with the roots and consequences of who we are, with few, if any, attempts to soften the blow. When Mercury in Scorpio is afoot, we may feel both the pull to go deeper and the fear of losing contact with the surface where the life-giving light and air are reside. We know that somehow we need to plumb the depths in order to make the connections which will ultimately set us free, but the journey required to do just that can feel too daunting to undertake, especially alone. And yet alone is how we need to take it.

It’s not enough to say ‘oh well, we’re all in the same boat’. At times like this we can feel anything but close to others, and no matter what may be going on with us or them, it can be tough to feel connected. These moments in our lives, sometimes referred to as the ‘dark night of the soul’, feel insurmountable at the time, but it is in surrendering to that very feeling that we finally begin to realise the value in journeying to the darkest and most vulnerable place within us, to know it well enough to recognise how it came to be and the truths it needs to share. And doing just that is our task right now.

The truths of Scorpio, as revealed by Mercury and Saturn, are not those of a quick fix and a magical solution. They place us in a timeline of becoming, where each moment is fed by the previous one, including the moment of our birth. They remind us that we are a melting pot of cosmic energy, karmic forces, genetic heritage and ancestral influences. They remind us that the blood running through our veins does not belong to us. It is on loan, from life herself, fuel for the journey as we untangle the web of energies that are our inheritance, ready to weave them into a thing of beauty as we go. Whilst these are times of struggle for many, they are also times of freedom, for in recognising that we are what we are, and none of it is actually WHO we are, there arises a stillness which can sustain us through more than we could possibly imagine without it.

So if we find ourselves in the depths at the moment, the cosmos is there with us, holding the space for us to uncover the truth of how we got there, what we find, and what it reveals about our true nature. It may feel like a prison, but its bars can dissolve in light of the recognition that visiting this place is our destiny, to reclaim all that has been lost there and to re-emerge whole.

With love to everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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