24th May 2013: Mercury/Venus Conjunction

by Sarah on 24/05/2013


 Communication Is Key


Sarah Varcas

Today a conjunction between Mercury and Venus in Gemini encourages us to reach out to others and communicate rather than assuming we each know what’s going on in the other’s mind and heart. It’s all too easy to believe that our perception of a situation is the obvious one and the meanings and intentions we assign to the behaviour of other people are correct, but easy isn’t necessarily right! With the power of the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius (the opposite sign to Gemini) approaching, it’s vital we be prepared to check things out with each other, talk about what matters, express the feelings in our hearts, the thoughts in our minds and yearnings in our spirit. It’s vital that we connect, however we best do that, and interact with the people who share our world.

As we do this we may find something interesting happening – differences begin to melt, misunderstandings transform into a greater appreciation of each other’s position, or failing anything so heart-warming, a sharper clarity exists about just how far we can or cannot walk the path ahead together. Today things need to be brought out into the open, illuminated by the light of awareness not hidden in the shadows of denial or avoidance. Yes it can be uncomfortable at times, but this discomfort is nothing compared to the toll taken by continued indulgence in self-deception and a refusal to look truth in the face and see it for what it is.

Mercury and Venus also reach out to Jupiter for support, calling on its ability to see the bigger picture rather than focusing only upon our little piece of the puzzle, for when we do the latter we can’t even come close to appreciating how someone else may view the very situation we think we know so much about. The coming lunar eclipse in Jupiter’s own sign of Sagittarius serves to remind us that the wider view must be taken into account for any progress to be made. It isn’t always easy and it can be far more challenging to see ourselves as part of the ‘problem’ rather than as a victim of someone else’s unreasonableness or ignorance, but once we can do this we empower ourselves to make changes we could never even consider previously.

It is those changes towards which the heavens point us today. Whatever the circumstances  in which we find ourselves, open communication, an open mind and a compassionate heart (towards ourselves and other people) are called for more than ever.

Love and blessings

Sarah Varcas

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