24th July 2013: Attention and Discernment

by Sarah on 24/07/2013


Cosmic Distractions Abound


Sarah Varcas

We are surrounded by contradictory energies at the moment, which may leave us feeling that we’re not really sure who we are, what to believe, what to strive for, what to let go and whether we should even be wondering about any of these things in the first place! So if you’re feeling a  bit confused, over-whelmed even, with too much information and not enough intuition, too much emotion and not enough logic, or too many of other people’s ideas spinning round your head and not enough of your own, don’t panic. That’s kind of how it is at the moment and it will pass.

It’s a bit like someone’s turned up the volume control so we can no longer ignore the background buzz of our lives: the constant commentary our mind undertakes from the minute we awake to the time we return to sleep; the voices in our head which aren’t even ours but other people’s thoughts, ideas and beliefs that we just seem to have absorbed somewhere along the line; the unremitting flow of sensory stimulation that assaults our eyes and ears on a daily basis. Right now it may all seem too much.

But it’s too much for a reason. The volume control has been turned up precisely so we can see just how much data we’re actually trying to process every day just to stay remotely in control of our lives. No wonder we can feel on edge and uptight so much of the time! We’re like living breathing satellite dishes receiving and transmitting signals all day long, or antennae forever picking up every random radio wave in the vicinity. And the fact is, we can’t go on like this! In these times of shifting energy and heightening awareness we need to learn how to edit out the background hum in order to focus our energy and attention where it’s needed the most. And to do that we need to be aware of just how much interference we must get to grips with.

In the modern age there are so many calls on our attention. Just walking down the street we can be bombarded with adverts and noise, hundreds of people, traffic, aromas wafting from countless eateries. Then there’s the internal stimulation of thoughts and feelings, worries, fears, anticipation, plans, hopes and dreams. And we wonder why we’re so exhausted and desperate for a break! We are constantly stimulated and right now the cosmos needs us to understand what that does to us on a daily basis. It leaves us depleted, distracted, our attention is diffused and our resolve drains out of us. We become receptors of any old thing that’s out there, soaking it all up regardless.

Which is why today the heavens speak of discernment, of paying attention to our attention: where do we invest it and why? Do we hand it over to the ‘loudest’ thing in the vicinity, be it someone else, our own thoughts or the tempting smells from that café over there. Or do we make a conscious choice about where we rest our attention and why? Do we decide where it’s best used today and then gently but firmly tell everything else that assails us we’re not available right now, thank you. Life is full of distractions. They’re everywhere and some can be extremely seductive, but if they distract us from peace, from pursuing our heart’s desire, from recognising our own inner voice amidst the babble of the outside world, then we need to master the distractions, not allow them to master us. We need to be able to turn from them to invest our energy where it’s best put to use. We need to decide what really matters, and then do that regardless of anything and everything else that tries to tempt us away.

Today we get a chance to practice just such self-discipline. It may seem like an onerous task with so much call on our attention, but the more we do it the easier it becomes and it’s a skill well worth having in the frenetic and demanding world in which we live.

Here’s wishing everyone a focused day.

Sarah Varcas

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