23rd/24th September 2014: New Moon in Libra

by Sarah on 18/09/2014




New Light for the Path Ahead


Sarah Varcas

The Moon is new in the 2nd degree of Libra at 6:15 am GMT on 24th September. The Sabian Symbol for this degree reflects the presence of a new energetic frequency, a resonance not previously experienced. Combined with the power of a New Moon we are offered here an opportunity to clear out the old to make space for the new which is flooding our planet at this time. Our capacity for receiving this new energy will be commensurate to our willingness to enquire in a different way about life, to embrace the message of Jupiter, Chiron and Uranus who continue to encourage openness to a loss of meaning in order to encounter deeper truths.

When an influx of light is associated with the dark of a New Moon the light is present to illuminate our inner being not the outer world. As we sit in the darkness of a shadowed Moon there are no distractions from the worlds of our heart, mind and spirit which are so often neglected in the hustle and bustle of daily life. This light is for them, to illuminate their darkened corners, to warm their cold places and encourage them in their vulnerability. These worlds are part of us, integral to who we are, no matter how rarely we may or may not visit them. At this time we are invited to enter our inner chambers and leave the external world behind for a bit. This is a time of withdrawal for renewal, illumination for healing and inner-journeying for eventual, but not immediate, outer transformation.

This New Moon occurs just prior to the start of an eclipse season which will bring us two eclipses next month. Such timing offers us an opportunity to enter the eclipse season on a wave of light rather than on our knees! The more of this light we can receive at this point the more our fuel tanks will be ready to take us through the coming weeks, whatever they have in store. Much like a seed which contains the promise of an entire tree given the right conditions, we each contain the promise of collective enlightenment given the best chance to realise it, and it is up to ourselves to create that best chance and commit to doing what it takes to fulfil our enlightened potential.

At the time of this New Moon the heavens speak of an internal conflict: do we walk an ordered and logical path into the future or an apparently random but more dynamic one? The choice that we make will dictate the nature of the path ahead. Whilst an ordered one may look more appealing, with an eclipse season beginning now the random one will inevitably deliver faster and more attractive fruits! They come with a price though, which is inherent in the energy of this New Moon. The energy available now is not so much a free gift as a necessary ‘download’ in order to continue on at the pace required of us in the coming months. If we overlook its relevance and fail to accommodate it now we may find ourselves running on empty in the not too distant future, just when we really need a full tank and an engine raring to go! The energy of this Moon enables us to clear out the dusty corners of our inner world and let some light and fresh air in, but it won’t happen without our commitment to letting it do so.

How we make that commitment is up to us of course. You may like to meditate or greet the New Moon with ritual. If that’s not your thing you may want to write freely from your heart, for your eyes only, about what you want to do with this new energy and how you want to receive it into yourself and your life. Or perhaps forming the intention to receive will be enough for you, and as you sleep beneath the New Moon she can deliver her gift to you. We all have our own way of engaging with the energies which flow all around and within us. Whatever our style, it is really important to do so for this New Moon, because on the verge of an eclipse season she brings what we need to ride the waves of the coming weeks and turn them into a future aligned with the greater good and the continuing birth of the new Aquarian Age.

Sarah Varcas

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