23rd to 26th December 2013: Black Moon Lilith here for Christmas!

by Sarah on 23/12/2013


Gift of the Black Moon


Sarah Varcas

Black Moon Lilith has come for Christmas! We don’t often hear about her, but she’s been increasingly demanding my attention this year, speaking loud and clear about her role in the year to come and the inner power we must find, to facilitate the healing necessary for our planet. Black Moon Lilith lives at the point on the Moon’s orbit furthest from the Earth. As such she acts as a conduit for cosmic wisdom untainted by the intra- and inter-personal concerns of the Moon. Lilith knows no compromise, no denial, no backing down or covering up. She deals in the kinds of truths which bring down empires and destroy icons of false belief and deceptive perceptions. She will not tolerate a luke-warm mind which cannot be bothered to think for itself or a numbed-out heart which cannot respond from a place of authenticity. These features of the modern age cause her to rise up and demand they be eradicated in favour of independent thought, honest emotion, ownership of our intrinsic power. Black Moon Lilith is our inner wild woman, whether we be male or female. She is untameable, fully alive and completely present no matter what may be happening. She is the bit of us which will not tolerate artifice, in ourselves or others. She just wants the truth in all its glory, harsh and uncompromising, beautiful and nourishing, a lightening bolt that shakes us awake or a soft light that gently draws us from our sleep. Whatever its nature in the moment, Black Moon Lilith honours truth as a living force in the universe, her very life force.

And she honours the truth about truth: that yours may not be mine; that a belief is not a truth; that truth exists in layers, and as we penetrate through them what was our truth yesterday may be nothing but fantasy tomorrow. She knows the darkest depths of the labyrinth of truth, its twists and turns, births and deaths, the blood shed in its name; the arrogance of proclaiming the truth to another as if ours must surely be theirs. Black Moon Lilith holds no beliefs and yet knows them all. She honours no gods but has looked every single one in the eye. She stands firm in the knowledge that she is what she is and what she is is more than enough. Black Moon Lilith is absolute truth and relative truth mixed into a heady cocktail of wisdom, experience and presence, with which she toasts this festive season.

To write about Black Moon Lilith is to diminish her. All the words in the world could not contain her. They merely reflect the tiniest portion of her being and becoming. She must be experienced within us, in that moment when we know we have to do what we must, whatever the consequences; in the roar of a ‘no’ that has been too long coming or a ‘yes’ that propels us into a whole new way of living. Black Moon Lilith is the strength we didn’t know we had until we needed it, the part of us which cannot be destroyed no matter what. Black Moon Lilith is guardian of the opportunity to be completely free through acceptance of the truth of who we are.

As guardian of our truths she is also keeper of our darkest secrets, our most shameful moments, our deepest regrets. She looks within us with eyes open wide to the nature of the human condition. She cannot be shocked or appalled, disgusted or repulsed. She’s seen it all, and more. There’s nothing she doesn’t already know. As such she is a wonderful companion on this journey of awakening, for no matter what we may have to face within ourselves, she will be there with us, cackling at the seriousness with which we take ourselves, showing us the quickest path to liberation, if we’ve got the guts to take it!

Black Moon Lilith: not who you’d expect to drop by for Christmas but a welcome guest none the less, for she brings the gift of honesty and the strength to face the truth, whatever it may be. Until 26th December she sits at the apex of a Yod formed by the Sun (our essential self and will) and Neptune (unification with Source). In so doing she reminds us that awakening occurs not because we want it but because we will it. To want is passive, to will takes action and intent. We must intend to awaken, to know and live the truth, not just want it while we continue down old paths strewn with the detritus of days gone by. And with Black Moon Lilith coming to stay what better time to embrace the truth which will set us free? Whatever that truth may be, we can rest assured she’s heard it all before and will merely throw her head back and laugh as we unwrap her gift of radical truth and try it on for size.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Sarah Varcas 

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