23rd November – 24th June 2015: Chiron Direct

by Sarah on 19/11/2014


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Everyday Healing


Sarah Varcas

Chiron turns direct in Pisces after five months retrograde just a few days after Neptune does the same. These two forces of healing speak now of the profound need for deep restitution and realignment on planet Earth, and Chiron’s shift at this point serves to further highlight Neptune’s own message of compassionate unity. The coming months provide the opportunity to allow healing forces into the most neglected areas of our lives and to open ourselves up to the fact that one of the biggest obstacles to healing can be the expectation that it look or feel a certain way. If we believe that to heal means to become super-human, to see everything in our life fall into place and miracles occur as a matter of course, we may be disappointed when it simply means we no longer suffer on a daily basis and somehow a simple life becomes all the more attractive. Worst still, we may miss that healing has occurred simply because we fail to recognise what it really means to become whole. In the coming months Chiron wants us to understand what healing and wholeness really look like and adjust our expectations accordingly.

Life speaks to us profound wisdom messages all the time. From the wind through the trees to the insects in our garden to the numbers we spot in the street and a passing comment from a stranger. Everything is replete with information and wisdom if we care to acknowledge it. If, however, we want a full-blown spiritual vision complete with sights, smells and sounds before we think we’ve received something of merit we will be forever overlooking the simple wisdom threaded throughout the universe and alive in every single moment. Whilst we can use ritual to raise our consciousness and communicate our readiness to receive, it’s not compulsory. The divine speaks simply to those with an open heart and an eye to spot the wisdom wherever it is found. Embracing this everyday nature of deep insight is now a key to unlocking the blessings of wisdom and healing, available in the coming months.

An often overlooked but nonetheless significant role of Chiron is that of keeping us humble. It reminds us that it’s not just everyone else who needs to change, heal and grow but instead for every ‘fault’ we spot in another we are equally flawed in ourselves. These flaws which can feel so burdensome to us are, however, simply a part of life, of being human. We’re not meant to be perfect but real, not whole but honest. And in embodying these qualities we are embodying the very healing process which so many seek. We can heal as fully whilst standing at the bus stop as in a three day healing ceremony if we have the openness of heart, mind and spirit to both recognise it as possible and be prepared for it to happen.

This everyday nature of healing, this accessibility of profound wisdom, will now become increasingly prevalent. Healing is not an esoteric privilege for the few but available to the many and the more we can accept and open ourselves up to this fact the better able we will each be to embody this healing and weave it throughout the fabric of our lives. Seeking outcomes which satisfy our ego, however, will act as an obstacle. If we think healing equates with spiritual superstardom we must think again. The gifts of healing do not come in the guise of material satisfaction, fame, fortune, superpowers or recognition by others, but instead in the form of peace, acceptance, gratitude and a quiet knowing that somehow, somewhere, we are becoming whole.

Chiron speaks words that can be hard to hear but which carry great weight when it comes to expectations of the coming months. There is profound healing available to us all but it may not come in the form we anticipate and if we want fireworks and Catherine Wheels we may be sorely disappointed. If, however, we stay open to the possibility of gentle shifts and changes, barely noticeable but which accumulate and reshape our orientation over time, by the middle of next year we will be able to look back and see just how far we’ve come without even realising, and how deeply healing has occurred while we were looking the other way.

Sarah Varcas

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