23rd May: Moon Conjunct Saturn in Scorpio

by Sarah on 23/05/2013




Fear of Shadows


Sarah Varcas


Today a Moon/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio could leave us feeling somewhat burdened, even overwhelmed. This is not the overwhelm of too much to do and not enough time, more like too much to fear and not enough faith. But with the Moon travelling towards its North Node, it’s a transient state of affairs and one that we can learn from rather than be taken in by!

As the cosmic wheels shift into place for the Lunar Eclipse in the early hours of 25th May (GMT), we have an opportunity to look a few fears in the face and see them for what they really are. There’s been a lot of fear around lately. Intense times of change always trigger it of course, and it can be easy, once the collective consciousness becomes full of it, to hook in and find all kinds of reasons to be fearful in our own lives even when things look quite stable. Fear can be contagious and we are fed so much of it through the media and society at large, it can be really hard to know what’s real and what’s just some dark make-believe.

We often hear it said ‘Only love is real’, and when we can penetrate this truth to its very core we can indeed know this to be the case, soothing all our fears. But it can be hard to do when life seems dead-set against everything we want and need, and those things out of which we have built meaning and identity are under direct threat. Then fear, vulnerability, impending disaster, all these things seem a whole lot more real than anything else! And inevitably we’ll find something out there in the collective consciousness which mirrors our feelings. We’ll find that person who lost their job, then their house, then their marriage, all because of a shift in the markets, and we’ll decide that’s us, that’s our fate now. We’ll find the person who tells us no one can be trusted, everyone’s out to use you, love is a myth and deception is everywhere, and hold fast to their truth because, in this moment, it resonates with our own.

There’s a risk today that we could end up doing this big time… seeing the negatives and then, albeit subconsciously, seeking out the ‘truths’ which confirm our perspective. It gives that cosy feeling of rightness even while it fills us with dread about the future! But we could do today differently. We could see the fears, invite them into our hearts and let them speak their truths to us all the while knowing they will eventually dissolve away like a cloud. No fear lasts every minute of every day, forever. Like everything they come and go, and the less we solidify them in our minds and hearts the freer they are to shift and change as we bring gentle and compassionate awareness to them. It’s a bit like comforting a child frightened by the shadows in their room….we acknowledge how scared they are, but we also know without a doubt that they’re safe – there really is nothing to fear – and gradually we teach them that, until they know it for themselves.

All fears are ultimately shadows. Some very dark and stubborn, for sure, but shadows none-the-less. The more we can remember this today, the better able we will be to heal the fears which crowd our hearts and minds.

With love and blessings.

Sarah Varcas

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