23rd July 2013: Between now and the Blue Moon…

by Sarah on 23/07/2013


No Drama Please, We’re Evolving…


Sarah Varcas

In the wake of the Full Moon we find ourselves in a window of opportunity which lasts until the Blue Moon on 20th/21st August. This opportunity is a timely and precious one if we’re prepared to embrace it and play our part. If we let it slip by, however, we may regret our lack of enthusiasm for it in the months to come. It’s an opportunity to discover just how to manage powerful energies in our lives, transmuting what at first may appear harmful into something altogether more creative and life-affirming. This act of energetic alchemy is one of the greatest challenges of being human. The ego does so love to hook onto apparently negative experiences and make a meal of them! Given its own way, every day would be a Shakespearean drama of power games, battles of will and fights to the death, such is the ego’s relationship with life’s melodrama.

But the challenge before us now is to do life differently. No, things don’t always go the way we’d hoped, people don’t act the way we want and even we don’t behave how we wish we would, but so what? Such is the nature of life. For all the times we’re frustrated by others there’s someone out there equally frustrated by us. For all the occasions we give in to someone else’s demands, someone has given in to ours in much the same way somewhere along the line and chances are, we didn’t even notice! The give and take, peaks and troughs of life mean these things occur every day and if we allow the ego to continue making a huge soap opera out of it all then, quite frankly, after all we’ve learned in recent years, what hope is there?!

So, this coming month is a time to do it all differently starting today. Come the Blue Moon in a month’s time we’ll have an opportunity to close the curtain on some bits of our lives which have really over-stayed their welcome and need to be released. When that time comes we need to be clear about what those bits are and have their bags packed ready for the off, bidding a firm and final farewell as we watch them disappear over the horizon. And in order to do all of that we can, in the coming weeks, practice living life without them, even while they’re still here whispering in our ear on a daily basis.

So here’s the plan: watch out for that moment when the ego has hooked in to something and is ready to cook up the usual drama. It often has the same script as the last drama, and the one before that…. It may be something along the lines of ‘no one appreciates the efforts I make’, or perhaps ‘I’m so useless I’ll never make a go of this’, or maybe ‘I can’t bear the pain of this separation’. Perhaps it’s very specific, ‘because X & Y happened to me then I’m this way now and nothing’s going to change it’. This is how the ego hooks us in, identifying us with the painful conditions in our lives and encouraging us to create an identity out of them. It’s a powerfully subtle game, because it makes it a whole lot harder to let them go when we feel they’re a fundamental part of who we are. If we can’t quite imagine life without feeling depressed or stressed or grief-stricken every day then we really need to do things differently, beginning today.

And no, it isn’t easy. Human beings are complex, our minds have a powerful hold over us and transformation can be a slow and painful process in the denser aspects of our lives. But even that’s beginning to change now and the particular cosmic crucible of the coming month is ready to speed up the process and release us from things to which we’ve been irretrievably bound for way too long, assuming we do our part! So today, when our mind begins to tell us the old ‘woe is me’ stories we can stop. Take a breath. Smile. Remember that things are changing now and we don’t have to do it the old way anymore. Then do next whatever we would do if we weren’t living that particular drama. If we no longer bought in to the old story about ourselves and our lives. We’re learning a new role now, working with a different script and like an actor preparing for their big moment, it’ll take time and commitment to get it right. But when we do…well… our life can be an Oscar worthy performance and we can be rightly proud that we didn’t allow ourselves to be type-cast as something and someone that we’re not.

Love to everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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