23rd August – 23rd September 2015: Sun in Virgo

by Sarah Varcas on 18/08/2015


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Sarah Varcas

The Sun enters Virgo at 10:38 am GMT, soon after the Quarter Moon in Scorpio. Approaching a conjunction with Jupiter and still squaring Saturn, its entry reminds us that freedom comes with responsibility. A hedonistic urge towards a life that satisfies all our dreams is not the goal of planetary awakening, for we live in a more complex system than one geared towards fulfilment of personal desire. In Virgo, the Sun celebrates the minute interconnections which bind us one to another. Often overlooked in favour of an individualistic drive towards satisfaction, they remind us that none of us is free if one is bound. None are fulfilled if one still lives in chains. We walk this path together, awakening our higher selves, our deepest wisdom, our fullest expression of the life-force which pulses through our veins. The Sun’s journey through Virgo reminds us we are both sovereign selves and part of a complex web of life which vibrates with every breath we take. Our task is to use our sovereignty to honour our unity with all things in every form, in this and all worlds, now and throughout time in all directions.

As the Sun shifts sign, an alliance between the Moon, Mars and Neptune adds weight to its message. Reminding us we must be both tough enough to live in this world and tender enough to allow it to touch and change us, the heavens encourage our connection with Mother Nature who will provide the support we need. Our beautiful planet calls to us now, offering wisdom and guidance, solace and comfort. Life can be tough, yes, but it is also breathtakingly beautiful. A single dew drop on a leaf, a flower growing through the cracks in a wall, the bird circling above our head as we rush through the city streets, all of these are our Mother reaching out to us, assuring us we are not forgotten and imploring, please, that we don’t forget her.

September is a powerful month during which we have a solar eclipse in Virgo on 12th/13th. Between now and then, time spent connecting with the natural world, slowing ourselves down to pulse in alignment with its rhythm, will be time well spent. While many are busy and there is much to be done, prioritising our relationship with nature now will enable not only a deeper and more heartfelt response to the coming eclipse, but also greater clarity and effectiveness. Thus we save time even as we use it elsewhere. Living our life in accord with nature enables it to flow smoothly and effectively, energised and in alignment with the natural rhythms of wakefulness and sleep, activity and stillness. The more we cut ourselves off from the inherent heartbeat of life, the more we drain ourselves of the energy needed to live to the full and be who we are. Like a torch running on draining batteries, we will not summon the energy needed to shine when we must and illuminate truth as we go, instead being only a dull and fading light in a world that needs us on fire.

The quietude of Virgo is potent and fertile. While the Sun journeys through this sign of intricate truths, we recognise that nothing is quite as it seems and even our most treasured dreams contain elements and dimensions we cannot possibly know from where we stand. If we hold too tight to our own vision, we risk missing the tiny sign post which alerts us to the need for a change of course. We cannot see everything from here, nor are we meant to, for often the most meaningful and heartfelt part of the journey is travelled in faith not knowledge, spontaneously and not according to exacting plans.

As we become the beating heart of our planet – the rush of the tides and whisper of the winds, the power of the storm and the gentleness of the morning sun – we receive all that we need to move onward, secure in our access to the wisdom of nature herself. The very fabric of creation, of the cosmos, guides us onward if we will but listen. Just as ancient traditions seek the wisdom of animals and insects, the skies and the seas, flowers and elements, so must we if we truly desire to align with the One Life that animates our every moment and connects us with each other. The Sun’s journey through Virgo offers direct experience of this support, inviting us into deep intimacy with the natural world which forever walks beside us, nudging us here, guiding us there, as we journey together as one.

Sarah Varcas

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