22nd/23rd September – 22nd/23rd October 2014: Sun in Libra

by Sarah on 18/09/2014


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Sarah Varcas

The Sun enters Libra at 2:30 am GMT on 23rd September. In doing so it shifts its radiance from the Virgoan realm of service to the Libran world of relationship. But with Libra’s ruling planet, Venus, still in Virgo as it does so, we are reminded that all relationships, no matter their type, entail an aspect of service which needs to honoured if we want them to be productive and positive in their outcome. For if we cannot serve – each other or the greater good – and seek only for personal desired outcomes and rewards, the world becomes a place in which conflict abounds and other people are obstacles to our personal satisfaction, not companions on the path to greater freedom and fulfilment for all.

Many associate Libra solely with compromise, peace and love, but in its shadow lies conflict, manipulation and self-centredness. When the Sun passes through a zodiac sign it illuminates not only its ‘positive’ aspects but also its less desirable ones. Currently a helping hand in this respect is offered by Venus and Saturn, as the Sun enters Libra. Together these planets remind us that compromise may well be the foundation stone of a civilized and functional society, but the path to it often crosses very rocky and polarised terrain which sees factions forming in opposition to each other and conflicts breaking out which can shake us to our very core. These, too, feature on the Libran path of peace and we are exhorted by the heavens at this point to stay alert and aware of the part we play in the formation of conflict as much as we may desire and strive for its opposite.

The issue of motivation can be a tricky one and we may be adept at fooling even ourselves when we really want a particular outcome! We may believe we love someone only to discover that in fact we need them more than love them – to fill a gap in our life, keep us company through the loneliness, even provide the material means we need but feel we cannot secure ourselves. We may believe ourselves to be in deep alliance with another only to discover that once our mutual needs begin to diverge so too does our friendship, unable to sustain the stresses of new goals and differing desires. It is precisely how we navigate such tricky inter-personal terrain that dictates the actual level of peace and acceptance in our lives. If we seek to cling on no matter what, desperately trying to maintain what we once had regardless of present indications that what we had is no longer what we want or need, we are acting out of fear which tells us the future will most likely be worse than the present and the past, now gone, was the best we could hope for. These beliefs paint us into the corner of an increasingly stressful present in which we see what we perceive to be our security slipping from our grasp even as we cling on for dear life, doing whatever it takes to ensure it stays the course. At times like this we are not creating peace but conflict, if not with others then within ourselves as we struggle to suppress the inner voices which protest that all is not well and listen only to those which whisper soothing messages along the lines of ‘as long as you keep everything as it is right now you’ll be okay’.

The prevarication often considered so characteristic of Libran energy is contradicted by the fact that Libra is a cardinal sign: it carries the energy of new beginnings, fresh starts and the creative spark of birth. Whilst decisions may feel weighty in their implications, birthing the new is an imperative when the Sun is in this sign and right now the issue is very much one of creating a new dialogue within old relationships. We will know where this new dialogue is needed, a fresh approach over due. It may simply be that we need to approach with a new attitude in a single relationship, or as complex as needing a complete over-haul of our social and public life to establish who really should be there in our circle of connections and to whom we are clinging for reasons best abandoned now. However large or small the response required of us by this passage of the Sun through Libra, the better able we are to respond to its calling and do what’s needed in our own lives, the more energy we will have at our disposal to build and sustain the relationships which do matter now. Not those which serve only us or pander to our fears, but those which enable us, together with others, to serve the whole and create alliances of togetherness and compromise which produce win/win scenarios, not only personally but also at the level of the collective.

This journey of the Sun through Libra sees a lunar eclipse and the beginning of a retrograde passage of Mercury, both next month. As such, whilst not easy, it will be influential in terms of how we proceed through the final phase of the Uranus/Pluto square which is exact once more in December 2014 and then March 2015. Doing the ‘relationship work’ that it asks of us now will clear the decks for new connections and alliances to blossom in the coming months. We have the gift of insight into relationships now, best be grateful and use it wisely!

Sarah Varcas

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