22nd / 23rd August – 22nd / 23rd September 2014: Sun in Virgo

by Sarah Varcas on 14/08/2014


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In Search of Perfect Truth


Sarah Varcas

As we continue with our exploration of truth, the Sun enters Virgo on 23rd August at 4:47 a.m. GMT. The sign of the virgin has much to say about truth. It seeks perfection and desires to bring all things to wholeness by knowing them in their most intricate forms. Virgo acts to heal and cleanse, to reconnect with the natural state of perfection existing at the heart of all things. In its highest expression it recognises that the most perfect emanation of life is also the most imperfect, for truth exists within the paradox that holds both states in a relationship of creative tension. In its more ‘human’ expression it can become nit-picking and perfectionist, demanding exactitude and purity from self and others. When the Sun is travelling through Virgo we have an opportunity to observe our own search for truth and perfection and how it manifests in our lives. We can ask ourselves: Does this search energise me? Does it inspire me to greater self-enquiry and discovery, or does it stultify my spirit, paralysing me in a maze of demands and dictates, attention to too much detail and fear of letting my perceived imperfections show?

Virgo is a deeply healing sign, hence its rulership of health and especially alternative therapies. This emphasis on natural healing reconnects us with ancient knowledge often lost to the collective in favour of more modern approaches to health. Whilst all may have their place, during the solar month of Virgo we can connect with natural healing systems and regain balance, energy and health through applying them in our lives. This is not about quick fixes, of course, but instead recognising that everything that goes into our body be it food, drink, air, drugs, sound or energy in less tangible forms, impacts our well-being and our own inner space at all levels. The more conscious we can be of this the more we can choose well to what we expose ourselves and why. Virgo is rarely inclined to accept a statement of fact without analysing its meaning, its source and application. Asking ‘who tells me this is so and why?’ can be a useful start to Virgoan exploration of the choices we make for ourselves.

As the Sun enters Virgo it does so in the shadow of a semi-sextile between Venus and Mercury. Together these two planets remind us that loving the self and honouring who we are as an individual can enable us to communicate with greater clarity and care if we choose to let it. It can also cause us to become sloppy and over confident in our communication if we don’t pay attention to our motivation for speaking our mind! Assuming we have a right to say whatever we choose to anyone because ‘I’m just speaking my truth’, can sometimes be a subtle form of aggression, used to hurt or gain one over on others rather than contribute to greater understanding. Recognising that whatever and however we feel doesn’t absolve us from the shared duty to each other of respect and consideration can enable us to connect in a confident but careful way, giving due consideration to the feelings of others, to our own subjectivity and to the greater pursuit of truth in which we are all embroiled (whether we like or know it or not!).

This message from Mercury and Venus is timely, for it enables us to honour what is right for our own well-being, whilst also recognising that what works for me may do you great harm and what is true for me may be anathema to others. The care and attention inherent in the Virgoan way can guide us into deeper truths or deeper confusion, depending upon the quality of the attention we bring to its inquiry into matters of truth and perfection. We need to know when to stop questioning as much as when to start. We need to know when to stop improving on something as much as when we have yet to produce our best effort. In Virgo we must learn to discern between our best performance and perfect results, between our perceived truth and ultimate reality. Failure to do so can tie us in knots as we seek ever greater levels of exactitude without recognising that life itself is inherently flawed and imperfect, even as it is exactly as it should be in every moment.

Virgo looks at life through a microscope, marvelling at its complexity whilst magnifying its flaws. In the coming solar month we can observe our tendency to do the same, watch the dissatisfaction that arises as a result and then ask ourselves: who says life should be any way other than the way it is? The answer to this question takes us to the very heart of the Virgoan path, which ultimately seeks to know the self within the whole and recognise both as divine.

Sarah Varcas

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