21st August 2013: Undercurrents of the Blue Moon

by Sarah on 21/08/2013


It’s Not a Great White, It’s the Great Light!


Sarah Varcas

In the remaining undercurrents of the Blue Moon we may find ourselves being drawn inexorably in a direction we don’t recognise at a speed we’re not comfortable with. The charts for today reminded me of that scene often replicated in films about sharks, where someone’s playing around happily in the water only to suddenly be shooting through it at great speed, dragged by the still submerged shark and watched by their helpless and horrified friends on the beach. They thought they were enjoying themselves only to discover a lurking danger far greater than they had imagined, a discovery which occurs too late for any evasive action.

Sounds grim doesn’t it? And in these films it is. That person in the water doesn’t get out in one piece, ever. But we’re not them and this isn’t a shark attack, no matter how much it may feel that way. If we’re being dragged by something that’s grabbed us from the deep in its unrelenting grip, it’s because we need to be somewhere else and so far we’ve ignored the more polite invitations previously extended. Generally speaking the universe has good manners. It usually gives us plenty of warning about what needs to change, what we need to do, where we need to be. Even who we need to be! There are clues and signposts all over the place if we’re of the mind to look for them. But eventually, if we’ve ignored or cast them aside for too long, more drastic action is called for and the cosmos gets the big guns out to make its point.

Which is what’s happening right now. We had the month prior to the Blue Moon to get our act together and…well… act, but if we didn’t take that opportunity we may now find ourselves facing a greater compulsion to deal with stuff we’ve been avoiding. We can no longer think we’ll sort it out another time, address it when we feel better or take that issue to therapy next month. It’s right here, right now, in our face. We can’t step around it, we have to go through, which is exactly where we’re being taken by this unassailable force at lightening speed.

But crucially, there’s no need for fear. It isn’t a shark, remember, it’s the upwelling of energy and emotion from within us meeting the energy of our external environment, sparking an explosive reaction which creates the kind of movement we’re experiencing now. We can’t contain or suppress these reactions so we may as well use them to fuel our journey and get us where we need to be, the quicker the better!

So if you feel those shark teeth closing around your leg just when you thought you were having fun, don’t panic. It’s not a Great White, but it does need to be respected nonetheless, for the powerful and life-changing force that it is. And as such there’s no point struggling, far better to go with the flow and see where it takes you in due course.

With love to everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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