20th May: Jupiter & Saturn offer some advice…

by Sarah on 20/05/2013


Look Within


Sarah Varcas


Towards the latter half of today (GMT) we have a number of shifts in the heavens: the Sun enters Gemini, the Moon enters Libra and, of course, the Uranus square to Pluto becomes exact for the third time. But prior to all this, around 5:30 a.m. GMT, Jupiter and Saturn set the tone for the day, reminding us that with Uranus and Pluto stepping up the pace of their cosmic dance we need to think before we speak, reflect before we act and consider our own failings before we judge those of others.

There are some key questions being raised here: How far can we really accept other people as they are? How well can we refrain from trying to change them into what or who we perceive they should be? How much time do we spend pointing the finger at others instead of reflecting upon our own character, behaviour and contribution to the world around us? And perhaps most importantly: what do we gain by doing so?

Time spent reflecting upon these questions will not be wasted today. We need to be as clear as possible this week, about what’s really going on and what we’re actually doing in our relationships with other people. How much are we merely acting out old patterns from the past and finding the best people to fill the roles we need to have played opposite us? How much are we attracting people compared to whom we can and will feel a certain way? How much are the people in our lives pawns in our own personal drama, rather than being seen for what they are: unique individuals walking their own path, fighting their own battles, healing their own pain?

Of course, the world of human relationships is monumentally complex, with so many forces at work it can seem almost impossible to tease out the elements of what’s really going on. But until we can hold ourselves to account in this way, we may well be missing a key piece of our own personal jigsaw which could change the course of our future if we were to find it.

So as another week of powerful cosmic energies begins, the heavens encourage us to look inside for answers about ourselves today, rather than outside for opinions about other people. The blessing of insight awaits if we do.

Sarah Varcas

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