20th June 2013: Jupiter’s Finale in Gemini

by Sarah on 20/06/2013


On Your Marks, Get Set…..


Sarah Varcas

Today there’s an ‘edge’ to the heavens, a bit like a starting block at the beginning of a race: something we can brace against to propel ourselves forward with more force when the time comes. It may come in the form of an opportunity we hadn’t anticipated or a new angle on something we thought we already understood, but whatever it is we would be wise to take advantage of the moment because in doing so we will also encounter a chance to rethink an issue that holds a strong emotional charge for us.

This process of rethinking needs to be a rapid one though. There isn’t time to be chewing things over at the moment, considering the pros and cons and ensuring all exits are covered before we make a decision. We’re not talking life-changing decisions here, but if we can seize the moment in a positive way we will find that a burden can be lifted or a new door opened unexpectedly.

Jupiter is now coming to the end of its year long journey through Gemini, during which time the way we think about life and the conclusions we draw have come under scrutiny. Looking back on this year we may notice that a good deal has changed in this regard and what we believed life to be about back then could seem like a dim and distant memory compared to where we find ourselves today. It’s worth reflecting on this now because once Jupiter enters Cancer in a few days’ time the process will be over and the same one will begin on our emotional life.

Which is what today’s ‘edge’ is about: a chance to consolidate something, to find a missing piece of the puzzle or to make that final shift in thought which frees us to approach something in a fresh way. If we’ve been asking ourselves the same old question lately and failing to come up with any new answers, this could be just the moment we’ve waited for, when a new answer or, more significantly, a new question can reveal itself. And in that revelation a new possibility or option can arise before our very eyes!

So welcome to life on the starting blocks. The race is set to be run and it’s count down time. An exciting and nerve wracking moment full of potential arises…then it’s what we do with it that matters!

Enjoy your day!

Sarah Varcas

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