20th July – 18th August 2015: Jupiter Squaring Saturn

by Sarah on 14/07/2015


Saturn in Scorpio, Jupiter in Leo, wise discernment, embracing change, risk taking, patience, divine timing, creative action

Image: “Buffeted by Cosmic Winds” by Gary Rosenberg


Acting in Alignment


Sarah Varcas

Jupiter in Leo squares Saturn in Scorpio as each prepare to leave their respective signs. With Saturn running on cautionary common sense and Jupiter on confident inspiration, they’re not natural bed fellows. Together they trigger opposing impulses, making for a restless time during which energy is frittered away on unsettling distractions. At least, that’s what happens if we let it! The alternative is to draw upon the positive traits of both, to expand our choices and usher in new beginnings.

Jupiter in Leo believes anything is possible. Saturn in Scorpio tempers such enthusiasm with a cautionary tale of how ‘anything’ includes not only our heart’s desires but also our greatest fears and deepest pain. Jupiter rolls its eyes as Saturn rolls out the doom-mongering. In this one they’ll never agree, for we live in many dimensions with countless perspectives. There is no single ‘way’, no one truth, no perfect plan to turn our life around. Instead we must decide in each moment how best to proceed. What’s called for now? Do we risk or retreat, speak up or stay silent? Do we do what comes easiest or take time to prepare for the greater challenge?

This battle of wills can now abate. By recognising our personal power alongside that of a greater force found deep within, we align with the myriad influences that shape our lives. We need both Jupiter’s unbounded confidence and Saturn’s common-sense caution; Jupiter’s ‘devil-may-care’ and Saturn’s ‘don’t count your chickens before they hatch’! We must know when each is necessary and how to unite them into a potent state that embraces timely restriction whilst spontaneously responding to life’s call. Together, Jupiter and Saturn empower us to manage risk, embrace possibility and prepare, step by step, to maximise our chances of success.

Many of us favour one approach over the other, choosing optimism over caution, or patience over impulsiveness. Whatever our default setting, it’s time to explore the opposite: to experience the delights of throwing caution to the wind or the security of a well-made plan unfolding over time. In the coming month we may need to wait when we’d rather jump, act when we want to hold back and commit when we’d prefer to sit on the fence, but all is divinely ordained. Such challenges illuminate the countless possibilities hidden in the blind spot of our awareness. There’s more than one way to live our life and few ultimate rights and wrongs, only what’s best in each moment and the capacity to discern it when the time comes. Flexibility is key, as is an open mind, for whilst external forces can shape us, we fashion the underlying fabric of our lives from the inside, using thoughts and feelings, words and deeds. Reviving these with new perspectives allows fresh potential to emerge and reawakens possibilities rendered sterile by limiting predictability.

This heavenly partnership illuminates a fundamental truth about creativity – that action aligned with the natural order is the most fertile of all. There is no more creative act than a timely one, born of present moment responsiveness, not old familiar habits. The coming month allows for new beginnings or old frustrations, tired routine or fresh perspectives. As Venus  plays around with creation, Jupiter and Saturn remind us that creativity begins with the self born anew: free of past cares, old priorities and habitual behaviours which no longer carry the promise they once did.This imposing square presents many challenges and offers much freedom, one within the other. We can rise to meet it or surrender to the restlessness of opposing impulses never reconciled. To do the latter shuts the door on a portal of possibility. To embrace its challenge invites the forces of creation to usher in vital and longed-for change.

Sarah Varcas

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