20th – 22nd September 2013: Pluto stationing Direct

by Sarah on 20/09/2013


Merely A Force of Nature


Sarah Varcas

Pluto stations direct on 20th September, having been retrograde since April. Back then I spoke of Pluto’s demand that we ‘relinquish our petty desires in the face of a pressing need for temperance and responsibility, allowing all of life to flourish and be fulfilled’. These past few months in Pluto’s realm have been focused on our willingness to sacrifice personal desires for something far greater which serves the collective whole of this planet.

As we reach the end of its retrograde passage we have an opportunity to ask ourselves just how well we’ve managed this sacrifice. How willing have we been to let go the demand that life shape itself to our ideals in order for something greater and more significant to occur? How well have we balanced our power to create with the humility to accept life’s demands upon us, whatever form those demands may take? In essence, how well have we accepted our place in the order of things, as insignificant as it may at times be?

This issue of our role in the greater scheme of things is often brought to light by Pluto’s activity, and now is no exception! As it stations direct it reminds us that the notions of both ego and spirit must eventually be relinquished in order for truth to emerge triumphant. It urges us to know ourselves as forces of nature. Nothing more, nothing less. If conditions are not right for rain to fall there is no rain. We don’t see the clouds trying to squeeze out a storm because they want one now, regardless of the conditions necessary for it to occur. Likewise a tree will not grow where its needs cannot be met, no matter how attractive the place may otherwise look. Nature knows all about timing and exists accordingly, in a state of balance and vitality. As forces of nature ourselves we must learn to do the same. No matter how much we desire a certain life, a particular role, a specific reward for efforts made, if the conditions are not in place for those results to arise we will not get what we desire. Not because we don’t deserve it, but because our desire is less important than the balance of the cosmos and the integrity of the living breathing organism that is this planet.

Pluto seeks to show us our rightful place, which inevitably turns out to be on the edge of a precipice that we would rather not have to encounter! It demands that we be willing to take the plunge at any moment whilst denying us any right to jump on our own timing. ‘You do as I say’ announces Pluto, and the cosmos itself sits up and takes note. Which is what we need to do now, because Pluto’s timing is becoming increasingly sharp. When we’re told to jump we need to do it, with little delay. Time itself is condensed these days. A week occurs in a day, a month in a week. ‘Where did that year go?’ we all wonder, as another 365 days seem to have passed in a flash. Which is why there can be no delay, because Pluto’s on the case and ready to bark orders again. However well we have or haven’t found our place in the past five months, with Pluto now moving direct once again we need to find it now: that place in which we are ready to act according to the prevailing conditions of our lives, but equally ready to wait if conditions demand patience. This weekend we need to step up to the line and be ready for the off, whilst knowing that the order to jump may come when we least expect it or way after the moment we thought it was due. We’re on Pluto’s timing now, not our own, and no amount of resistance or guile is going to change that!

With love to everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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