20th – 22nd August 2014: Simply Truth

by Sarah on 14/08/2014


 Observation by Gary RosenbergImage: 'Observation' by Gary Rosenberg


Truth as Experience


Sarah Varcas

Truth! Ah…. There’s peace in that word. No more lies, no more confusion, no more uncertainty, just truth – pure, crystal clear, undeniable truth. As this week comes to an end the word truth is painted across the heavens like a signpost, reminding us THIS is what we came here for. Truth was always our motivation and goal, no matter how quickly we forgot and lost ourselves in believing the lies which keep the world turning as it does, in all its inequality, deception and oppression.

Truth. This is to be our mantra now. Truth and only truth. As humans we move through stages in our search for it. The starting point is often characterised by black and white truths which polarise us: beliefs by which we can live without having to think too deeply for ourselves. Many basic religious beliefs fall into this category: believe like us or you’re not one of us, full stop. This type of truth is divisive and resists exploration and questioning. Many move through this into a deeper level of truth which arises as we question the dictates and dogmas that have been fed to us as fact. We begin to recognise the realm of personal truth which doesn’t fit with the groups around us. We start to see things through our eyes rather than the eyes of those to whom we have given the power to dictate our beliefs. This level of truth liberates us to a certain extent, to think more for ourselves and less as a group. To question and challenge, allow paradoxes to arise and unanswered questions to float in space without their uncertainty forcing us to shut down and return to the safety of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ once more.

Oftentimes we make it to this greater openness of mind and then stop. We have learned to think for ourselves, question dictates from authority, gather our own evidence and learn from experience. We have stepped outside the box of restricted mental process and clear cut mental constructs into the world of blurred boundaries, paradox and a recognition of subjectivity. But we go no further. Compared to where we were, this feels like freedom. We can express our uniqueness by setting ourselves apart from those with whom we do not share beliefs and attitudes. What’s more we can find our own ‘tribe’ who share our view. We can come ‘home’ in a way we haven’t before. So it’s no wonder that we often decide to put down roots and remain there, surrounded by our own truths which we’ve worked out for ourselves, sharing them with those who will nod in agreement and tell us we’re right and maybe even special for thinking the same way they do. We feel we belong, perhaps for the very first time, so we stay put.

Many people are in this place right now. Since the Uranus/Pluto conjunction in the mid sixties, which began a whole new energetic shift that will play itself out over countless years yet, people have been waking up to thoughts and perspectives outside the box and embracing them as their own. This is all well and good, but as we now enter the final phase of the current Uranus/Pluto square (the first point of consolidation in the cycle begun in the sixties) we must be prepared to take truth to a whole new level, beyond the constrictions of belief into the realm of the absolute which knows the very nature of all things: not holds beliefs about them but knows them, inside and out.

This knowing of truth as an experience rather than a thought or belief is fundamental to where we find ourselves on this journey of conscious evolution. The embodiment of truth is what we’re here for. It is the very purpose behind our birth into the material realm. And yes, that’s a belief too, so you can see how tricky it is to even communicate about these things! We can’t do it, because communication is not experience, it’s merely a representation of it, a signifier of something which exists at an altogether different level of being.

The heavens invite us into these contemplations now, to get to know them and return to them when we can, because beliefs at this point will divide an already divided world, whereas people embodying and living truth as a vital and dynamic experience will unite it. It cannot help but do so. A good place to start may be a simple question: who would I be without any beliefs? Sitting quietly with this question, dancing it out, singing our way through it, painting its presence in our heart; however we enter into deep inner enquiry, doing so with this question at the forefront can open the door to a whole new level of awareness and connection, the likes of which our minds alone could never unlock.

The time is now to travel further into truth, not as a concept or mental construct, not to argue it with others or claim it as our own, but to know it from the inside as the very building blocks of existence. Every breath: truth. Every heartbeat: truth. Every moment: truth. Within and without, and everywhere.

Sarah Varcas

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