1st/2nd October 2014: Quarter Moon in Capricorn

by Sarah on 25/09/2014




Occupy Utopia


Sarah Varcas

The waxing quarter Moon occurs in the 9th degree of Capricorn at 7:34 pm on 1st October GMT. Coinciding with the start of the month, this Moon provides encouragement for the weeks ahead and, together with the Sun, reminds us that a return to the still point within is vital if we are to make clear and effective choices in the coming days. There are ancient streams of wisdom threaded throughout the universe, carrying the vibration of unity, insight and deep knowing. This Moon enhances these streams of energy and invites us to step into the flow and allow them to wash over us. In fact we do this every time we stop to reflect, utter a prayer, ponder the deeper mysteries of life or question our mind and ego-oriented world-view. In doing so we align ourselves with the millions of souls who have done the same before us, will do so after us and who are doing so right now in our own and other dimensions of time and space. Wisdom is a living, breathing presence in this world. It feeds off our own eagerness to know the truth and is starved each time we turn away from it for the safety of our familiar and comfortable misperceptions. This Moon reminds us that we are guardians of this living, breathing wisdom and as such we have a duty to turn to it, nurture it, combine it with our own hearts and minds and enable it to live vibrantly and without guile within us.

But the application of wisdom is challenging. It requires fortitude and often times a willingness to sacrifice personal gratification in favour of something altogether more meaningful but less immediate! Given our recent enquiries into what we know and how we know it, this Moon offers up a framework in which to apply our understanding, revealing the need for both balance and fortitude when it comes to ‘doing the right thing’. It occurs within a couple of degrees of Pluto and in its approach to this mighty force we see something of a ‘David and Goliath’ scenario. This Moon reminds us that we do not have to be all powerful in order to effect change in the world. Even the tiniest and most seemingly insignificant among us can usher in transformation through the very quality of our presence. A simple willingness to surrender to life as it is rather than struggle to make it what we think it should be can be the personal shift which signals a collective change. If every other person on earth made this act of surrender in the same moment imagine how the collective energy field would shift from struggle and striving to peace and gratitude! Imagine the change in our homes, our local communities and the global collective if we agreed to start from scratch at where we’re at, casting out what no longer works in favour of peace and embracing that which offers hope and possibility for a peaceful and united future? Imagine what would happen if we just agreed to let go of all that divides and embrace all that unites, beginning from the very bottom rung: that we are all alive and as such we all need each other as part of the ecosystem in which we exist.

These are utopian ideals and often seem impossibly distant when we look at the state of our world today. But change is happening, people are coming together with common goals that serve the greater good. More and more are recognising the earth as a living being not an object here for our convenience. Increasingly people who may not have enquired thus before are beginning to wonder ‘what’s life really about? How is it I’ve come this far but am still unhappy and dissatisfied?’. These questions, these tiny commitments made in the privacy of our own lives each add their own little spark of new hope and possibility to the gathering flame of evolution which warms all life on this planet. We do not have to be a huge force to contend with, although we can be if we want. We don’t have to live an extraordinary life, though we can if we choose. All that is really asked of us is personal change, right here, right now, in our everyday lives. A willingness to question, ourselves and each other, to let go of the need for more and more when more is what keeps us hooked in to the continual cycle of craving and dissatisfaction. To release the imperative to keep the mind happy when it demands satisfaction from things which harm and limit the potential for peace and planetary survival.

David struck the fatal blow to Goliath with a single stone and sling. Sometimes it feels that one tiny person in this vast universe can do little to stem the tide of conflict, inequality and suffering, but all it takes is a well aimed shot and we can be a force for enormous change! This Quarter Moon reminds us that passing up on immediate gratification in favour of a collective movement of hope focused upon peace, equality and freedom is a small price to pay. As we tune in to the threads of wisdom woven throughout our universe we can ask not only what do we need to do for ourselves, but what do we need to do for the greater good. To replace personal concern for something greater itself shifts our focus in a more creative and less blinkered direction. Committing to such a shift on the occasion of this Quarter Moon signals our intention to be a force for positive change and as with all things in this universe, as we send out the signal it will find its place to put down roots and grow into a collective force for transformation pulsating around the world.

Sarah Varcas

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