1st November 2013: Uranus/Pluto Square

by Sarah on 31/10/2013


Fully Alive!


Sarah Varcas

The current nature of this on-going Uranus/Pluto square is akin to having teeth extracted without anaesthetic. I know… horrible image, way too visceral for nice, spiritual people and not that pleasant for the rest of us! It’s just that to write with any honesty about this cosmic event, exact today, visceral is going to have to be where it’s at, because this is no walk in the park (unless you’re being chased by a man with a chainsaw that is) and it’s certainly no vacation (unless it’s, you know… at the Bates Motel…). Okay, so I’m guessing you’re getting my drift here, and it’s not just that I’ve been watching too many slasher films in my spare time. This square contains a whole load of very powerful, desperately pent-up energy and if we want to work with that energy in a constructive way we’re going to have to embrace the darker side of our psyche, the unappealing aspects of life and the repressed energy which fuels us from the shadows and distorts much of who we are and what we do.

This is no astrological alignment for the faint hearted, except there is no opt out clause so we’re all in the firing line anyway, faint hearted or not. This square comes to shake us awake to the consequences of past choices, actions and behaviours. It has powerful karmic overtones and reveals the dark under-belly of the current ‘spiritual’ landscape in which so many live these days. It poses the question: what do you deny and how do you do it? And with Venus, Jupiter and even Neptune set adrift from their cosmic companions, there are few places we can turn to for comfort or refuge at this time. All we can do is look in the cosmic mirror and recognise that what we criticise in others is within us. What we think makes us special doesn’t and however ‘spiritual’ we think we are, in the moment we think it, we’re not. This square asks us ‘Who do you think you are?’, and whatever we try to answer interrupts our response with a scornful laugh that lays bare our best attempts to defend our position and claim some dignity for ourselves.

Okay, if you’re still reading after all that, let me assure you that there is a way through all this. Life goes on after this square and there’s plenty of opportunity to come out the other side intact and, dare I say it, even better off for the experience. But to reap its rewards we really are going to have to face up to what and who we are, who we have been and what that means for us here and now today. Deciding to walk a ‘spiritual’ path doesn’t release us from the consequences of who we have been, as if somehow, now we see things differently, we can just pass ourselves off as a new person. Quite the contrary, in fact. Taking responsibility for our lives and our contribution to the collective consciousness from here on in necessitates owning who we were and what we may have contributed to it in the past. And in owning it we have a responsibility to address its impact and recognise how our past choices have impacted not only ourselves but the wider whole.

With Uranus under enormous pressure at this time we may well feel like an explosion waiting to happen, a lifetime of frustration concentrated into this tiny body of flesh, blood and bone. But this energy coursing through the universe now comes with an instruction manual if we’ll take a moment to read it. The manual exists in our heart, written in the handwriting of our higher self which knows that nothing ever happens in our life in contradiction of who we are. However we experience this moment is born of all that we are, all that we have been and all that we can be. It doesn’t descend upon us out of the blue but grows up out of us with every breath, every thought, every word and deed that we have contributed to the world around us and beyond. This energy flooding the planet now, filling you and me and everyone, is who we are at our very core. It is the life force that we have resisted for so long. It is God/dess, the Divine, the Universe, Chi.. call it what you will, it is what we are made of and it wants us back!

There are few notions that can survive intact at times like this. Whatever labels we identify with will be ripped away. We must surrender to be born anew, as a more immediate and vibrant expression of life. Life just is. It doesn’t call itself anything. Nor does it pretend to be what it isn’t. And it is life which wraps itself around us now, urging us to do the same: release who we think we are and what we want to be, and just be what we are – alive. But this time be it fully, and then see what happens….

Here’s to the power of the cosmos coursing through our veins…

Sarah Varcas

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