1st May 2013: Moon squaring Mercury

by Sarah on 01/05/2013


Fixing Broken Records


Sarah Varcas

Today the Moon enters Aquarius and Mercury enters Taurus making six planets in fixed signs (not to mention the North Node in Scorpio too!). These are very ‘grounding’ energies, and we can use them to stabilise and anchor us if we find ourselves going off at a tangent or distracted by things that we know, deep down, are not to be pursued right now. With Jupiter still in Gemini there are plenty of distractions and choices to be made and this month is very significant when it comes to the choices we make, because we need to be making the right ones for us and our future.

The Moon and Mercury square each other as they enter their respective signs. Traditionally speaking they don’t get on too well in this relationship, but that’s usually because we’re not putting in the work to help them manage their differences! This Moon wants to think outside the box, frustrating Mercury who just wants some good old fashioned common-sense communication. You can see how there could be ‘issues’, but today we have an opportunity to address them and do things differently, finding a new way to deal with the old and familiar topics that come up over and over in our lives. That way both Mercury and the Moon can end the day satisfied, feeling they’ve been heard, honoured and respected.

So if something or someone (including you!) sounds like a stuck record today, remember that a fresh response to a stale situation could be all that’s needed to get things moving and energy flowing again.

Have a good day!

Sarah Varcas

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