1st June: Messages from the Sun & Pluto

by Sarah on 01/06/2013


All For One and One For All


Sarah Varcas

As we begin the new month, the Sun and Pluto remind us that life takes place at two levels: the surface, ‘everyday’ level consisting of routines and responsibilities, often seemingly mundane activities amidst a high degree of familiarity, and the less acknowledged energetic level at which we each form part of a far greater whole, acting as energy transducers which conduct cosmic forces through the many levels of our being as we go about our daily lives. Until relatively recent times the two levels were very much kept separate, with the former dominating our consciousness and the latter banished to the depths of everything from unconsciousness or denial to ridicule, fear and hatred. To ‘own up’ to an awareness of the unacknowledged dimensions of life has meant everything from a death sentence to a life of rejection, ridicule and disrespect.

But at this evolutionary time in the development of awakened consciousness, all that is beginning to change. Yes, of course there is still denial and ridicule galore, but alongside this exists an up-swell of people awakening to a whole other level of existence which seemed previously unavailable to them. We are all part of this, and the awakening is available to everyone. None of us are excluded other than by our own refusal to step into an altered reality in which things are not as they previously seemed: we are no longer the victims of life but its very creators; we no longer live consumed with the fear of ‘what if’ but inspired by the nature of the present moment and visions of what can be; we no longer allow our past to dictate our present, but live the present as it is in each moment, fresh, new and full of potential.

Of course, we all refuse to step in at times. Old habits die hard, mental patterns seem to have a life of their own, and past struggles can shape us so completely that we may wonder whether we can ever be anything other than their product. We may feel discouraged with our attempts to change and grow, even wondering whether we’ve just been misled about the potential for awakening now, sucked in by the promise of transformation that never seems to come.

Today the heavens point to these thoughts and fears, reminding us that they, too, are part of the path. They show us where we need still need to heal, where our ego is in charge, calling the shots and dictating the game. They show us where others may also be struggling, enabling us to reach out to them so we can walk hand in hand for a while, supporting each other across the rocky bits. But most of all they show us that we are still human as much as we are anything else! We are here in human form for a reason, not to escape out of it as soon as possible, but to embody it completely, in all its fullness, for in doing so we become fully operational energy transducers, not half-on and half off shorting-out ones!

Each time we embrace the fear but move forward anyway, acknowledge the despondency but still keep going, allow ourselves to live without faith until gradually it begins to rekindle again, we are healing not only ourselves but everyone. It cannot be any other way now. The veils between us are thinning exponentially and what I do for me I do for you and all the world. We each have our corner of the cosmic garden to tend, but the harvest of our work is shared amongst everyone and no effort, no demonstration of patience with what is, no moment of bearing with suffering is ever wasted. It all contributes to the global awakening, the collective heart that is now aflame, never to be extinguished.

So wherever you find yourself today, watering the seeds of bliss, tending to the flowers of manifestation or removing the weeds of doubt or fear, remember that you do this for all of us. This is your gift to the world, combining with everyone else’s to create a radiant present full of hope and new potential.

Enjoy your day everyone!

Sarah Varcas

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