1st July 2013: A Marriage of Mind and Intuition

by Sarah on 01/07/2013


Listening Within


Sarah Varcas

Today a need to make sense of our experience may cause us to overlook some important data available to help us do just that. In an attempt to create a coherent narrative about our circumstances we may neglect our intuition as it whispers truths which can arise in no other form. As a result we have only part of the picture at our disposal and such an incomplete view will inevitably result in less than effective action.

The central issue here is that of a blind-spot which temporarily blocks our inner vision. We can think about an issue but we fail to listen to our feelings which speak of things we can know but not transfer into thought forms that satisfy the rational mind. Everything on the surface of life may look great and quite frankly we can’t understand why we feel so unhappy. Only when we listen to our inner-voice do we begin to recognise those aspects of ourselves left to wither in the darkness because they don’t ‘fit in’ with the life we’re leading. Conversely we may know full well that our life is in tatters and needs a major overhaul, but until we listen within we will not recognise that the present chaos and confusion is actually the beginning of our liberation which our spirit is already celebrating.

Marrying the mind and the intuition is the task for today and recognising some of the reasons we fail to do it is also on the agenda. Sometimes our intuitive knowing is not what we want to hear. It may shed light on things we would rather leave well-alone, and reveal aspects of a situation for which we want to avoid having to take responsibility. The whispered messages from our inner voice may stand in direct contradiction to the thoughts of our (so-called!) rational mind, presenting us with a conundrum that requires some honest introspection to resolve. We may have to look directly in the face, parts of ourselves that we would rather weren’t there. We may have to consider our life not through the eyes of material success and achievement but from the perspective of a deeper and more enduring sense of purpose which we know, deep down, is lacking.

Whatever our intuitive knowing imparts to us, we need to take note today. This may require making a powerful intention to do just that and then sticking to it, not allowing our mind to talk us out of it in favour of ‘more important’ tangible things that need our attention. If we want to fully know ourselves and our lives, the path ahead and the actions required, we must be prepared to know in more ways than one and not allow the mind to become our master, drowning out all other data gathered through less ‘mainstream’ routes! If we feel a certain physical sensation each time we walk in a particular building maybe we need to pay attention to that? If we always feel a certain way after meeting with a particular friend perhaps there’s something there that needs attention? If the prospect of certain tasks always leaves us feeling overwhelmed maybe we need to sit with those feelings and let them speak to us about what needs to change?

Thought is great, a fabulous tool, when used for the right tasks, but often we need more than just thoughts to get us through the day. We need a deeper knowing, which may be wordless and even seem illogical or irrational. Thus can we more fully penetrate the depths and dimensions of existence that the rational and ordered mind finds itself unable to embrace. And only then can we fully know what we need, in order to fulfil our potential.

Love to everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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