1st January 2014: New Moon in Capricorn – Messages for 2014

by Sarah on 31/12/2013


Spiritually Naked for the New Year


Sarah Varcas

A New Moon conjunct Pluto and Mercury to start the New Year. What a powerful symbol of what’s to come in 2014! The chart for this Moon is full of energy, pulling in many different directions. Do we strike out to make our mark or withdraw to the safe familiarity of where we already know acceptance? Do we stand our ground and do what’s best for us or compromise and work with others to bring about a win/win scenario? Do we lean on those around us for support or rely only on ourselves to get us through? There are a lot of ‘either/ors’ in this chart, telling us we stand at the threshold of a year in which we may have to make some very significant choices and then stand by them no matter what. 2014 is a year of decision like no other. Pluto in Capricorn opposes the Black Sun throughout much of it, reminding us that there are two fundamental ways to use our power – for creation or destruction – but in order to grasp the significance of this decision we must be prepared to find the place where destruction becomes creativity and vice versa. We may learn, this year, that creation is not always best if what we create no longer serves the greater good, and destruction is not always bad when what we destroy blocks the light.

This coming year is one of paradox and contradiction. There are deep truths to be revealed, about the nature of this path we’re on and our relationship with this beautiful planet upon which we walk it. The paradigm of extremes is expanding exponentially, in our lives, our emotions, our relationships, in the ecosystems around us, the weather, political and economic systems around the world. Polarisation is increasingly occurring and this very dynamic of opposites, each reflecting the other, demands that we recognise our contribution to it, locate it within ourselves and assess how best to move forward from here.

When we’ve spent many years on a path of spiritual enquiry it can be easy to lapse into the notion that it should be getting ‘easier’ by now, and in some ways it may well be. But this coming year is one in which we will all be shown the next level of work to be done to bring about a fundamental shift in the collective consciousness on this planet. It entails looking into the shadows and recognising there is still much we have yet to address. For if we continue to seek measurable rewards from our spiritual practice. If we still have ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’ about what makes someone ‘spiritual’. If we still pretend we’re not a certain way, don’t feel a certain feeling, when, deep down, we know we do, there is still much work to be done.

This New Moon, in one sweep of her mighty hand, brushes away our stories about who we are, how special, spiritual, wise or awake, how we have come from here or there, to do this or that to save the world. She tells us none of this matters if we don’t do the dirty work and clear out the corners of our psyche which feed off those very stories and tells us we’re special. When we look into the darkness of the Black Sun, a choice point in the timeline of the cosmos through which we can pass into light or deeper shadow, we must do so naked, in order to know ourselves without any story or idea, any assigned value or worth. Just you and me as a force of nature, looking into the very vortex of creation or destruction from which we originally came. 2014 is the year of dropping our stories and identities and getting to grips with the fact that this planet needs us now like never before. If we are to rise to that call we may have to face the deepest challenge of letting go all we have believed ourselves to be in order to become what we essentially are: pure energy, no more no less, flowing through the cosmos, around this planet, through time and space.

So at this powerful New Moon which begins the New Year, we have an opportunity to sit and reflect upon the identities we have chosen and the stories we tell. They have had their place and played their part, but right now it may be time to let them go in favour of a nakedness the likes of which we have never experienced, which renders us merely a tiny speck in this vast cosmos, but one full of power to bring about change.

Sarah Varcas

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