1st / 2nd July 2015: Full Moon in Capricorn

by Sarah on 29/06/2015


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A Capricornian Conundrum


Sarah Varcas

The Moon is full at 2:21 am on 2nd July GMT in the 10th degree of Capricorn. Whilst a Full Moon in Capricorn is pragmatic and down to earth, tolerating little – if any – ‘emotional nonsense’, this one breaks the mould, allowing space for the less logical aspects of our nature to play their part. Generally speaking the Moon is fairly uncomfortable in Capricorn, whose stony pragmatism is a little too harsh for her more intuitive feeling nature. This Full Moon, however, brings together the logical mind and intuitive heart, melding them into a combined state which surpasses both. We cannot cut off an entire aspect of our nature, be it reason or intuition, and still hope to function effectively. The recent lack of earth energy has allowed our emotions to take control on occasions when a more balanced and reasoned approach may have gotten us further, but this Moon allows for both to co-exist to see what comes of this marriage of ‘opposites’.

During June we envisioned future potential. This Moon reminds us that the present moment needs our careful attention if that potential is to be fulfilled. What truly matters is who we are now. If we invest identity only in final outcomes, the power of those daily and seemingly insignificant efforts that move us ahead bit by bit is overlooked. This Full Moon shines her light upon the simple fact that we have endured this far, sometimes against all the odds, and she strengthens us for the weeks to come when balance is necessary to keep us present to what is, not lost in what could be.

Using this Moon to connect with our innate wisdom will allow for more accurate assessment of the potential at hand. It’s all very well feeling strongly about something, another thing entirely perceiving how that something can become reality. Now she isn’t saying it will or it won’t, but she offers the chance to settle and ground ourselves, to connect with the physicality of the divine through the earth, through our body and senses and the material realm, and receive feedback as to whether our imaginings are simply that – pure fantasy – or signs that we are, in fact, edging ever closer to our destiny.

And she will cringe as I use that word! ‘Destiny?! Pah!’ is the usual response of a Capricorn Moon. ‘You reap what you sow and if you want something badly enough you just have to work to get it!’. Not the most mystical of Moons she can’t be doing with romantic notions of fate or predetermined paths. Hard work and commitment is what creates destiny. End of! At one level, of course, she’s absolutely right. We may be chock full of gifts, talent and potential, but if we don’t make the effort to use them we’ll never reap their rewards. No matter how much we yearn to manifest who we know we could be, unless we commit to the process of rebirth and becoming, nothing will change.

On the other hand we do not act alone but amidst complex and oftentimes paradoxical forces which work alongside and through us. Our efforts are potentised by the universe’s own to create the future. Acting at the right time, when the cosmos is supportive of effort is way more potent than battering our head repeatedly against a closed door because we refused to wait. This Capricorn Moon, whilst still banging the drum of effort and endurance, concedes that timing is a big part of success and knowing the right one is often more an act of intuition than logic.

Which is why the message of this Full Moon is basically ‘do something… but not yet!’. She can’t quite make up her mind on account of realising things aren’t as clear cut as she’d hoped, but knowing she can still add some useful advice to the current conundrum: use this time to ground your hopes and dreams, aspirations and goals, to test them out against realistic possibility. If there’s simply no hope of achieving what we want in the time and circumstances we’ve been dealt we need to be aware of that now, not waste more energy on flights of fancy which further our current malaise. If, however, our soul rises up when we see ourselves taking steps toward a new life. If our heart knows the vibrant peace of possibility when we feel into our potential, it’s now a matter of timing – of preparing for the off – to be ready when the moment comes.

The conundrum of this Moon is a familiar one when contemplating new beginnings: do we act on the initial enthusiasm, buoyed by excitement at the prospect of positive change, or do we watch and wait, gently moving step by step towards the moment when action is ordained by life itself and our potency at its highest? She loves committed action but knows timing is key and, right now, patient preparation will form a precious foundation for the creative path ahead.

Sarah Varcas

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