19th to 21st July: Preparing for the Full Moon

by Sarah on 19/07/2013


Embracing Vocation


Sarah Varcas

This weekend we are invited to consider issues of vocation. It’s an old fashioned word and not one we hear much these days. More often now we speak of life purpose, our heart’s calling, the thing that brings our soul alive. Vocation is all of these things and yet also something more. It implies an act of service and an element of sacrifice. A giving up of personal pleasures for a greater cause. It evokes images of nuns and monks, of carers and teachers. We don’t tend to think of vocation when it comes to investing on the stock exchange or running a nightclub. When we embrace our vocation we may need to allow other things to fall away in order to make the space for it to grow and root itself in our life.

At this time the cosmos speaks of updating these views for the modern age in which more and more people are seeking their authentic path rather than following one dictated by circumstance or tradition. We all have a vocation, that thing we are here to do or be, the thing which makes us feel most alive. And yes, it may be running a nightclub, driving a bus or stacking shelves and chatting to customers as we go. It doesn’t have to be some hugely dramatic life that gets us loads of attention and admiration. And it certainly doesn’t have to be super ‘spiritual’ or involve psychic and healing powers! No vocation makes us more special than other people because we all have one. We all have our own part to play and whatever that part is, we need to be playing it with all our might. Even if we haven’t found it yet it’s out there, waiting for us to recognise its call and embrace its gifts. This weekend that call is becoming louder and clearer. It is time to listen and respond; to sacrifice more and more of those things in our life which do not resonate with that which brings our soul alive.

It is often this element of sacrifice which becomes the stumbling block. We fear giving up familiar securities for the unknown of a new path with no guarantees. We resist reducing material pleasures to follow a calling which fails to feed our bank account in the manner to which we have become accustomed. The material world has a tremendously strong grip upon us and it can be a lifetime’s work to even free ourselves from its stony hand! Trouble is the heavens are telling us now we don’t have a lifetime to spend extricating ourselves from the things that bind and suppress us. This lifetime is about freedom so we need to get on with it and liberate ourselves pronto!

But of course, in their infinite benevolence the heavens offer all manner of support on the path this weekend. Today we have the help of Venus and the Sun who encourage us to take a different point of view on an old stumbling block. It may be money, it may be lack of confidence, it may be plain old fear of change, but whatever it is they ask us, today, to look at it from a different angle. Instead of re-running the same old thoughts, try out some new ones and see how that feels. Remember that our thoughts are ours, and as such we are free to change them at any time into something more helpful and constructive.

Come Saturday, Mercury is preparing to turn direct which it does at 6:19 p.m. GMT. In the 14th degree of Cancer it speaks to us of the need to stand back from life and take stock, considering our position from a place of solitude so that all those external voices cannot influence the decisions we make. And likewise we must listen to our internal voices too, discerning which are ours and which we have taken on from others in our lives. It is time to claim our own thoughts and feelings and release those which were never ours in the first place but only masqueraded as such. This weekend is one of reclaiming ourselves, of coming home to who we really are, minus the layers we have gathered along the way.

Shortly after Mercury’s about-turn the Moon enters earthy Capricorn, creating a Kite out of the now famous Grand Trine in Water. Whatever this astrological event has done for us in the past week, wherever we have felt it the most, the Moon now encourages us to make its healing a reality in our lives. This takes discipline and commitment. A willingness to break old habits and embrace new, more healthy and life-affirming ones. This Moon speaks of our emerging power, not to control and shape life but to step into it and sacrifice ourselves to it, knowing that in doing so we become so much more than we could ever be when we try to shape it according to our own preferred design. For this is our true vocation: to serve life, not have life serve us, and in so doing we will discover blessings we never imagined possible in our lifetime.

Contemplations on vocation are indeed timely now and will be further energised by the coming Full Moon in Aquarius, so this weekend we have a wonderful opportunity to ask ourselves what really makes our heart sing and then take steps towards making it the foundation of our everyday lives.

Have a wonderfully insightful weekend everyone!

Sarah Varcas

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