19th June: Moon in Scorpio

by Sarah on 19/06/2013


Tending Our Cosmic Garden


Sarah Varcas

The Moon has now entered Scorpio where she’ll remain for a couple of days. In doing so she joins a Grand Trine formed by Saturn, Neptune and the current Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Gemini. This holds particular significance for us because it hails the final few days of energetic shift into the water element. Come 26th June, when Jupiter enters Cancer, the shift will be complete, signalling the start of two months during which we have an opportunity to discover aspects of our being that have heretofore been unavailable to us. Many people speak in terms of ascension, or the shift from one dimension to another these days. They’re not words I use very often, but this evident change in energetic frequency very much reflects the process to which these words point.

Something within us is waking up. We all know that, but right now the cosmos reminds us to stay alert to the awakening, because as assured as it is, it is also in our hands. Yet another paradox in this vastly complex and yet so very simple existence of ours! We’re on notice now, that complacency is not an option, giving up is not allowed and losing faith will not be tolerated!! We’re actually having our knuckles rapped, but in the nicest possible way!

There have been many struggles for people so far this year, and it sometimes seems there’s an increasing chasm between those whose lives are mysteriously slotting into place with all the pieces finally forming a thing of beauty, and those whose lives are inexorably crumbling into dust before their very eyes. Whichever of these groups we fall into, or perhaps another entirely (‘nothing’s changed at all, what on earth are you talking about?’), we are reminded not to allow our experience to limit our perspective and the possibilities inherent in this time of rapid shift and change. Whilst we each form a part in this evolution of consciousness occurring on our planet (and throughout the universe), we must each play that part in our own unique way and judging the paths of others against the standards of our own – or vice versa – will lead us astray when we most need to remain focused and committed.

This entry of the Moon into Scorpio helps us get in touch with what our path actually is in all its uniqueness, to ensure we’re not hankering after someone else’s. It reveals to us the personal nature of this sacred evolution alongside the collective process that’s taking place. We each have our corner of the cosmic garden to tend. There’s no point coveting someone else’s flowering garden in full bloom because ours is currently in winter mode. We’ll get there when the time is right, but we need to ensure we’re putting in the appropriate work at the right time, not giving up and giving in because everything’s in hibernation! Likewise, if our garden’s full of trees laden with fruit ready for picking, we should celebrate and give thanks for sure, whilst also remembering there’s still work to do, because if left on the tree the fruit will rot and its promises left unfulfilled.

This is a gently firm Moon. She wants us to understand clearly that where we are is where we are. It’s that simple! And wherever that is we still need to be tending the ground to ensure further harvests when the time is right. No complacency, no giving up, no comparisons please. Just looking around and seeing what needs to be done today to cultivate our little corner of this cosmic garden, which is growing exactly as it should but will always need our help to do so.

Happy gardening everyone!

Sarah Varcas

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