19th – 24th September 2014: Mars square Neptune

by Sarah on 18/09/2014


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Flat Battery Alert!


Sarah Varcas

This square between Mars and Neptune lays the groundwork for the coming New Moon. When these planets align in this way we may find ourselves doubtful where once we were sure, insecure where we previously felt fine. The buoyancy of Mars in Sagittarius takes something of a knock at this point and the challenge for us is to discern which doubts are based in common-sense wisdom and which are simply our own deep seated insecurities raising their ugly head for a while and simply needing a good firm talking to!

During this time when we are challenged to seek answers beyond those we have previously sought, Neptune is testing our mettle to see just how committed we really are to our spiritual path, to the conscious evolution building apace on this planet. Can we see it through or are we too easily swayed by a bad day, a disappointment, the enticements of the old over and above the promise of the new? Once the New Moon arrives we have a chance to recommit, but the intervening few days provide us the opportunity to observe our commitment and the rise and fall of its vitality.

This Mars/Neptune alignment is uncomfortable at one level, with Neptune draining the energy and verve of Mars. It is akin to using a power-tool on a low battery. It’s just not going to do the job no matter how long you try! That said, this is a good time to take it easy and just put the tools away for a while. We don’t have to be rebuilding our life every second of every day. Sometimes we just need to relax and let things settle for a while if we can; just be with the slight discomfort of ‘where’s my enthusiasm gone?!’, knowing that the discomfort will pass and the enthusiasm return in due course.

Spiritual development and personal change take time, commitment, fortitude and… probably most important of all… a good sense of humour. If we can laugh at ourselves and see the funny side of our ups and downs, vicissitudes and amateur dramatics there’s a lot more probability of our staying the course! If we take it all too seriously we may just ‘serious’ ourselves into an early spiritual grave just as the going gets good. 2014 has been incredibly intense so far, and with two eclipses next month and the next Uranus/Pluto exact square in December, the ride isn’t over yet! So these coming few days provide an opportunity to observe ourselves in action, or lack of it. To see what throws us off course, be it someone’s tone of voice or a major life crisis. We all have our vulnerable spots where the world gets in and catches us unaware and this Mars/Neptune square serves to highlight them for our information, so we can perhaps do some DIY on them once our spiritual power-tools are charged up again.

So don’t allow yourself to be too discouraged or disillusioned in the coming days. If you’re tempted to become so, look for the funny side, allow yourself a chuckle at how life sends us curve balls or blindsides us just when we thought we were sorted. The funniest thing about it, to my mind at least, is that no matter how often we experience this aspect of existence, it can still throw us when it happens! Because when we feel certain we feel…well…certain, and we believe the feeling instead of remembering that certainty, like every other feeling we experience, comes and goes, is sometimes more accurate than others and doesn’t always tell us the truth. Neptune comes along to remind us of this now, not to slap us down and leave us broken, but to keep us open to life as it is rather than life as we believe it to be. So if inspiration has left us now, so be it. If we’re so very tired of all this inner work, fine. If we just want to chuck it all in and watch TV for the rest of our lives, that’s okay too. Because that’s how life is sometimes, and then, after a while, it’s not, again, and we can continue on our way.

Roll on the New Moon!

Sarah Varcas

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