19th – 22nd August 2015: Uranus, Chiron, Venus and Mercury Align

by Sarah on 18/08/2015


 Uranus in Aries, Chiron in Pisces, Venus in Leo, Mercury in Virgo, emotional healing, self-acceptance, open heart, deep wisdom, mystery, facing fear, working with the shadow, authenticity


Time Well Spent


Sarah Varcas

This alignment, which forms a large rectangle across the heavens, prepares us for the power of the approaching Quarter Moon, helping us identify where to place our attention and why. It is an honest and authentic alignment, allowing for no manipulation of the facts, sleight of hand or self-deception; but it comes with gentleness and protection, creating an ambience in which we can look at ourselves and our life, our relationships and activities, without giving in to self-criticism or impatience. It can be tempting to judge our ‘progress’ when it comes to personal and spiritual growth. We may feel that simply recognising where we need to change, where wounds are holding us back or shaping us in troublesome ways, should trigger the anticipated shift. When we observe ourselves repeating old patterns even after we’ve spotted them, we can end up feeling disheartened and frustrated, at a loss to identify what it will actually take to heal.

The heavens remind us now that insight is a stage of healing, not the whole of it. Patterns of thought and behaviour take time to change and we can often be little short of addicted to how certain aspects of our life or identity make us feel, even if what we feel is less than pleasurable! Letting go of old wounds, healing fractured aspects of our psyche or dysfunctional relationships, allowing ourselves to feel the pain we’ve avoided and denied, this all takes time and has its own flow. Just as the body heals in stages from a wound, so does our psyche, laying down foundations of a happier and healthier future as layer upon layer of restrictive conditioning is sloughed away.

This current alignment allows us some space around the places we’re most sensitive, enabling us to probe ourselves a little deeper and peek beneath a surface we’d generally rather leave undisturbed. There’s no great drama here, just quiet moments of self-reflection which allow us to see clearly something which may previously have evaded our perception. No matter how much we yearn for change, if it’s not happening we may be holding ourselves back in some way. We’re being shown where identification with past experience may be so strong that it has shaped who we are and no matter how much we want to move on, it occupies too much space in our psyche to allow it. If being a survivor is important to our sense of self we will always need something we survived and that something may still hold us back. If proving we will never again allow ourselves to be taken for granted is important, recall of the times when we were may shape our everyday experience.

These are subtle nuances on the path of healing, and they vary from one person to another. Only we can know, deep down, whether we have let go sufficiently to move on unencumbered by past pain, or still live defined by old experiences. This is a deeply personal contemplation and one which may uncover surprising results if undertaken with an open heart and mind. Indeed, our reflections may raise more questions than they answer, but that’s fine too, for the heavens are full of questions right now, many which seem to contradict each other. In being so they merely reflect the paradoxical and contradictory nature of life in which opposites can both be true and what was once our truth becomes an outmoded way of seeing things as we are immersed ever deeper in our own becoming.

There’s no need to fear confusion now. If what we see is not what we expect we should be grateful, for our eyes are being opened ever wider to the truth. And there’s no need for judgement either. As veils fall away we may see less than edifying aspects of ourselves and our behaviour, but that’s okay too. It’s important we meet them with acceptance and gentleness, not the darkness of a shameful heart or the hardness of a self-critical mind. The path of awakening involves seeing all of ourselves and some of it may not inspire at first! But the more we can embrace who we are and what we find within, the more deeply we come to know ourselves as a beautiful whole, breathtaking in its complexity, containing all things old and new, now and forever.

The subtleties of the heavens right now are beautiful to behold. They reveal the naivety of thinking we’ve got it all sussed, or even that we’re meant to! It is the very mystery of life which fuels its advance, which shapes its evolutionary imperative. We’re not here to understand it all, to turn ourselves into a neat equation. We’re here to follow the clues, to take the next step, to read the signs and sniff the air. What we discover about ourselves now is just another part of an infinitely complex whole, as much as it reflects the sheer simplicity of life which lives itself through us without our having to do a single thing. The gentleness of the heavens right now whispers a subtle invitation to know ourselves more deeply, and in doing so to embrace all that we are, changed and unchanged, old and new. Evolution, they tell us, takes time, best used to release some more of the old and make space for the new to be born.

Sarah Varcas

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