18th/19th October 2013: Lunar Eclipse in Aries

by Sarah on 17/10/2013


Discerning Our Own Dreams


Sarah Varcas

This Lunar Eclipse in the 26th degree of Aries (11:51 p.m. 18th October GMT)  encourages us to consider our gifts and talents, hopes and dreams, with a mind to the reality of manifesting those dreams in this material world. It warns us against losing ourselves in fantasies of who we could be, instead embracing who we are today and the seed potential which exists at our heart. But in doing so it merely reminds us that change is a process and it is in honouring this process that we truly become what we can be, not in short-circuiting it to become what we’re not yet ready for, cannot sustain or were not meant to be in the first place.

Most people have some kind of dream or fantasy about what their life could be ‘if only’. Whether it’s a vision of a satisfying relationship and lots of children, a world famous healer or a financial whizz in business, most of us have our ultimate fantasy which hangs there as both promise and torment, forever reminding us how far it is from our grasp and yet how great it would be if we could finally live it out one day. At the advent of this eclipse the heavens remind us that we each have the potential to live out the dreams which are woven through our souls, but they must be our dreams, our potential, not that of other people which we have co-opted for want of something more home-grown and authentic. Discerning which dreams are ours and which belong elsewhere is a task in itself and one often under-estimated in its challenge and complexity.

We each exist within an ecosystem of beliefs, ideals, values and expectations, many of which weren’t ours originally but which have become so familiar to us we mistake them as our own and act accordingly. A lunar eclipse is always a good time to stop acting on auto-pilot and reconnect with our own personal ground control. This one is certainly no exception to that. If we have been telling ourselves we need to do such and such in order to become so and so and be this and that (fill in your own personal story….), now is a very good time to ask ourselves, ‘Really?! Are you sure?’. And if the answer that comes back isn’t one hundred percent certain, from our belly, an unmitigated ‘YES!’, we need to ask ourselves, ‘where did these ideas come from and what the hell are they doing in my head?!’.

Because until we can answer that question we can never be clear enough to know what we really want, who we really could be and what our life would actually look like if we were living it from a place of authenticity and truth. Indeed, the gentle ‘yes’ of our soul when we’re on the right track is easily drowned out by the loud and attention-seeking voices of the collective who create standards we’re meant to strive for and results we’re meant to desire, even (and especially) in the world of spiritual development. It can be easy to believe that once we step out on a ‘spiritual path’ we’re through with all that ‘being influenced by the collective’ nonsense. Now we’re ‘stepping into our own power and walking our talk’. Except if we’re doing it the way we’re being told we should, according to the latest channelled teaching or spiritual practice, and trying to behave like we think we should while we’re doing it, we’re no freer than we ever were.  We’ve merely changed our costume for a different one, equally ill-fitting and itchy!

Now that’s not to say we shouldn’t engage with a variety of teachings and ideas, practices and perspectives, but we need to do so with discernment, tuning into our heart as we go, checking in with ground control ‘Am I still on course or have I drifted into someone else’s air space?’. Because only by flying our own craft and navigating our own journey can we truly live into authenticity and finally discover what that really means, not according to someone else and their version of truth, but according to our own, woven through the fabric of our psyche and soul from the day we were born.

This eclipse comes to remind us that who we are is written nowhere but in our own hearts, and it is there we will discover it. Now is the time to check in with ourselves and determine whose path it is we’re walking, whose goals we’re striving for and whose dreams we chase on a daily basis. If they’re not ours it’s time to let them go, ready for the truth – our truth – to emerge into the light of consciousness and reveal itself fully, perhaps for the first ever time.

Enjoy the eclipse everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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